Walking heart

Dear Heart,
I am sorry I owe you an explanation
why you cannot take a step
with the weight and grudges you carry
from the misfortunes in which you did not take part
I am sorry I did not warn you
that curiosity would destroy you
and did not hand you any means
to shield yourself
Yet when all thesauri and dictionaries put together
still you will never understand
the workings of love and pain
for you go without reason
relentless and stubborn
till you can no longer function
I am sorry dear heart
for I cannot tell when
or if you will ever
lose that weight
but take this piece of cloth
I tore from a war veteran’s fatigue
cover your blurry eyes with it
and wipe the blood that leaks
in the middle of the desert there is an oasis
be patient
in a not-so-distant future
an eagle’s quack will be heard
signaling your rebirth
ready to take tiny yet significant steps
towards the frontier.
Esmeralda Balita is a living paradox.


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