Poem #323

You told me I lack the ability to trust.
And you were right.
But this, I was trained for this.
I was trained to say goodbye, to leave
without making a sound, to take loss in my stride.
Living with the mantra “Good things don’t happen
to people like me” keeps me on my feet,
ready to run when things collapse and
the painful truth comes out.

4 replies on “Poem #323”

Do you expect betrayal to be lurking around every corner? Sometimes… with this mindset, I see the distrusting person as the one who leaks the painful truth about themselves. That, they are the betrayer, not whoever else was holding their hand.

Pain. It is the one thing that never heals, when we never trust. What I see of a man is that he is challenged to trust another, with himself. What I see of a woman is that she is challenged to trust herself, with another.

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