Poem #324

You don’t even know I was raised in a world
where showing weakness gets you killed
which is why you are still surprised I am
unable to let you inside.

You hit me up after midnight when
I am already drowned in my nightmares.
You come and go like waves and let me
fall deeper into my denial.

I need to know you are here
to stop my mind from terrorizing me.
But even when you slam the door when you leave
you won’t hear me say: Stay.

I will just hide in my shell.

7 thoughts on “Poem #324

  1. Powerful sonnet. We got to stay strong and let them go

  2. This poem opened the window to my world, and the wind slammed the door that was already closed. Why am I by my own darkness so amused?


  3. Gud flow of emotion

  4. “…you won’t hear me say: stay.” Powerful. I relate so much.

  5. time to #BreakFree

  6. Beautifully written. Kudos 🙂

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