Poem #326

We aren’t of those who want
to conquer the world.
We would build one ourselves.
But what is that good for if
we are playing the hurting game?

Who is going to let his trauma
win over love first?
Which one is going to self-destruct
and turn us into dust?

You need to know how to read
minds to know what I am saying.
I need to threaten to leave
to get an ounce of your attention.

Maybe it isn’t our fault we
are too messed up to love?

3 thoughts on “Poem #326

  1. Hi Luna! I loved this poem. Especially the last stanza and the couplet!

  2. I often wonder why love doesn’t seem to be as powerful any more…

  3. The question in the last stanza goes right to the heart of the matter. You show a lot of wisdom in even posing it. Is there an answer or is just thinking about the question the point?

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