For the Camera

Flashlights, cameras.
Microphones, pap.
Carpets, ‘Step and Repeat’.
Pose, Move, Pose.

Theres hardly any self,
All in it for the camera.
The counterfeit emotions,
The fake, un-happy smiles.

Nominations, wins.
Trophies, speeches.
Crowds, applause.

No one to care sincerely.
All in it for the camera.
For what are all these accolades for?
When not a soul knows what genuinely makes you happy.

Interviews, Promos.
Magazines, Television.
Household name.
Bucks, fame.

To be honest, whats the point?
All in it for the camera.
When I can’t express the anxiety or misery I feel.
Are you just using me? My talents?
Do you truly care? Or would you forget me,
If I were to hiatus for a year or two?
Show me. Treat me. Love me.

My name’s Gianine. I’m 17. I love writing poetry.This is one of the poems I recently composed. I would really be pleased if you could come and check our some of the other ones and tell me what you think. Thank you for reading. xo


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6 thoughts on “For the Camera

  1. Hey.. you have great poetry. Thanks for posting.. you could check out my blog too i do some poetry

  2. A powerful commentary of the shallowness of fame. Before others can truly like us we must like ourselves to enter into genuine relationship. This piece will have me thinking for days.

  3. Well said. It’s why I prefer spontaneous portraits to carefully posed ones. When I look at photographs from someone else’s session, the outtakes are often my favorites.

  4. Hey, Could you please check out my site? It would be really nice of you. I have just started 🙂

  5. I like it! Very nice!

  6. So good Gianine….

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