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I killed you

I’m a murderer
I killed you a thousand times and more
Yes I did it!
Like a cobra,
I had a poisonous venom of hate
For you and all that you are
I never stopped wishing I was you.

I’m beautiful
But your beauty competes with the sun
Your rays glows even brighter
So I wished I was the rain
Thundering and falling
With my dark clouds
So you’ll never shine again.

I thought I was hardworking
Until your strength reminded me
Of how lazy I was
It was like a lion’s
It was always you!!
I hated you the more
More than before.
I couldn’t say why i did it!
The feeling was strong and taunting
And It whispered
How I should have been you
Living your life and fame
And everyone singing my name.

So, I killed you countlessly in my mind.
Still, I couldn’t be you!

#jealousy #beyourself #loveyourself #bewhoyouare

My name is Esther Kalu, I’m a poet! I only write scribbles from my heart and I hope they’ll make sense to you as you explore me. My Instagram handle is @rukenny_secrets


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