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Getting ready for Vacation

Hello everyone!

How are you doing? I hope you are well, healthy and happy. The situation with COVID-19 is taking a turn for the worse in Croatia. Zagreb is the epicenter of the illness, masks are becoming mandatory in all public transportation, stores and coffee shops. I can’t wait for the push back because of the last one. If you know anything about the Croatia people, you should know that we have  a coffee drinking culture. There are actual researches that show that the Croatian people are one of the people who spend the most time drinking coffee in coffee shops and bars. I am so interested to see how this will turn out.

I have actually been to a store this morning, buying a present for my sister and there were still people (older people) without a mask and on the entrance of the store there was no sanitizer. I have no words. I can understand that store workers are overworked and that they didn’t manage to refill the bottles or replace them, but I have no excuse for people not wearing a mask. I didn’t wear it until recently, but since the number of cases is spiking, we should all start wearing them and start behaving responsibly..

I went on a whole Corona rant for no reason, but do tell me how is the situation in your country?

I am actually leaving for my vacation tomorrow. I am still cautious and broke enough not to leave the country so I will be visiting the island of Krk in Croatia. I am so excited because I missed the seaside ever since I left Zadar and I am looking forward to relaxing and chilling and getting a tan and everything! I was also considering trying to film a little vacation vlog for you all. I think it would be a good way to connect with you and show you how pretty Croatia is. I have been thinking about creating videos for a while now and since we are approaching 6000 followers, I thought it could be our new thing. Also, if you would like to see more content about the little vacation, you can follow me on Instagram @luna.theblog.

Since this blog is my life at the end of the day, you know my laptop is coming with me. I will not let The Poetry Bar go out of business just because I am on the beach. I will still open every e-mail and post your work. Also, I have a little question for you.  Can you please tell me do you get like a notification every time I post your work, that I placed a link to your page or anything like this? Thank you in advance to The Poetry Bar crew who will let me know in the comments! I am asking because I don’t always have time to write an e-mail back to you and I would hate to have to send a generic template whenever I post your poem.

I will finish this post now, because you know I can talk and talk forever. Stay safe, healthy and happy!

Sending love and positive vibes,

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“…there were still people (older people) without a mask and on the entrance of the store there was no sanitizer. I have no words.”

Neither do I, to be honest. While we have sanitizer and people with masks on, enough people here in Canada are refusing to wear them (some, who have medical conditions and difficulty breathing as a result, understandable), but there are also a few people throwing fits when the stores won’t let them in without a mask.

Regardless, I think we’re flattening the curve pretty well. It’s just a matter of getting people on board with wearing masks, and trying to make sure they understand it’s for their safety and not propaganda.

What can I say? We take care of ourselves and listen to public health officials, and let other people do their own thing. I mind my own business.

Take care of yourself on your vacation!

I think that Americans are mostly using masks these days, at least from what I can see in stores, here in Arizona. Most of the stories I go to (which are few) now actually require masks. I’m not sure if our southern states, especially Texas and Florida are doing this. Nevertheless, Arizona is still among the top COVID casualty locations (depending on how things are measured–and this is not a statistic to be proud of).

As it happens, COVID is turning out to be a great benefit to the big shopping malls–though I’m not sure people are actually shopping. What I hear is that the malls have become perfect for logging up those walking miles since it’s wayyyy too hot to be out during the waking hours. And who wants to be jogging or walking around the neighborhood when it cools off at 2am? And from what I hear, mask use is nearly 100% among the mall walkers.

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