The Poetry Bar

Waves Collide

As I sink my feet into the grainy sand
I watch the ocean waves collide angrily
Engulfing everything they touch
All While the sun glistens off the enchanting blue water
As my feet sink into the sand
I hear the birds calling to each-other, soaring through the intoxicating sky
Slowly fading into a glorious orange tint
The spells from the birds somehow deafening me to the corruption of the world
As I sink my feet into the grainy sand
I wonder how a moment so peaceful
Can exist in a world full of hate
How something so magnificent to the eye
Can endure in an existence built on greed
I inch closer to the water
Listening to the waves calm in their whispers of turmoil
Knowing that no matter how divine they appear
They will never rid themselves from the agony and pollution hiding within




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