Poem #333

The life of trauma means saying
“I knew it” instead of “I can’t believe it”
when the worst scenario comes to life.

The life of trauma means being
relieved when you lose because
it’s so familiar to you.

The life of trauma means sleeping
awake because you’re  just waiting
for the other shoe to drop.

The life of fear, of expecting the worst.
A brain in anticipation of pain.
A young body being a home to an old soul.

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I love your web site and your posting. Right now, I suspect we all are living A Life of Trauma due to COVID-19. Tough times do not last–tough people do. Thank you for taking a look at A New Normal. Take care. Bob

[…] I am the type of person that does not allow herself to be happy. I have my temporary fixes, hits of dopamine from indulging in sugar, buying clothes but I don’t, in general, let myself be happy. My mother went through hell to put me and my sister through school and to defend us from my abusive father, went to court when she couldn’t afford a lawyer to give us a better life and now that our heads are finally above water, now that we can finally swim after all these years of drowning, I cannot put myself in the headspace of gratitude, if not happiness. I know that my traumatic childhood has a lot to do with what I am experiencing as I am becoming and adult, I grew up not feeling okay, constantly waiting for something bad to happen. I think I described it best in Poem #333 […]

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