Poem #338

This feeling that only feels liberating in
shackles. The room that gets smaller and
smaller, eating away the oxygen.
The 24/7 panic attack that begins when you
decide to lock away your heart.

You just wanted to give your heart a break
after it has been broken. Now you forgot how
to use it, you are running away from its purpose.

11 replies on “Poem #338”

That meaningless flirtation we used to enjoy has gone quiet. Hearty laughter that resonated off the pages and seeping between your lines, has been noticeably absent. I can feel the escaping chilliness of your inked words before I read them. I miss the friend that wrote with such warmth of her heart and vibrant youth. The distance is heartbreaking and I hope you find her soon.

This conjures and stirs up so much of this half-life place we all-too-often find ourselves living in.

You describe a very difficult place with huge sensitivity.

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