Poem #340

I only write about love because it was all
I have been looking for in life.
But it is so hard to recognize It in a world
that wants everything defined and in line. 

want to stand on my own two feet,
but I still want you to save me.
want a kiss on the shoulder over morning coffee,
and have my back arch against wall. 

don’t want it comfortable and defined.
want it inconvenientpassionate and alive
Romance and lust dancing together under the stars
giving life to passion and to desire 

All should be love, addictive and wild.
Silence and noise at once.
Chaos and peace intertwined. 
Nights you stay up opening your soul
and nights you lose all control. 

11 thoughts on “Poem #340

  1. I want it inconvenient, passionate and alive.


  2. Never settle–stoke that inner fire and take dares and chances and dance like your life depends on it…NEVER BE SATISFIED WITH ANYTHING EXCEPT ROMANCE

  3. This is excellent!

  4. WOW … that’s fantabulous ….. am so happy reading ur posts so often ….. glad u keep posting very frequent anddd congratulations for ur follower count ….

  5. So well written…👌

  6. Oh Luna, so beautiful <3 I agree this is the only kind of romantic love worth living for. All or nothing, no in between

  7. This is so beautifully written!

  8. It’s obvious I’m not the only one in this love situation.
    Great authorship Luna.

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