Poem #341

I guess my pain is like candy,
when you like tasting it so much.
At least something about me is sweet.

But I stay thinking there’s something
worth fighting for here.
Maybe I just want to be worth that fight.

I will stop asking, I will stop searching for your affection.
Just to see if it will still be there.
At the end of the day,
love you have to ask for never feels like love in the end.


11 thoughts on “Poem #341

  1. Unfortunately, you’re absolutely right…

    1. yep; entirely true from start to finish❣️

  2. Wise move… sometimes we must let something go, just to see if it comes back all by itself…

  3. been there, done that… 🥃🥃

  4. Love you have to ask for is not unconditional.
    Love that is not lived or demonstrated is not love.
    Love does not come in sharp words or the back of a hand.
    Love is warm

  5. Stunning last line.
    And yes, love and pain swirl together so much. Things start pulling on you, dragging your soul… and you find yourself thinking:
    How many allowances do I keep making, before this game becomes too much to play?

    Think is, I’ve seen the most powerful love in ugly, shattered places… I’ve seen dangerous, booby-trap, minefield love, framed and decorated with all the pretty trimmings…
    and I’ve seen something worth fighting for in the words of people whose hearts don’t stop.
    Beautiful piece.

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