Poem #345

The light effortlessly came through the curtains
and created a golden line from her shoulder to her thigh.

That skin was like a canvas waiting for color.
That hair was like violin strings waiting for the music.

Human in the imperfection, lady in the nakedness.
Eyes like two oceans hiding secrets in the depth.

To entice the mind, to satisfy the soul she moved
her body to bathe in the gold.

The maker of desire, beauty beyond measure
she knew how to harness power in simple pleasures.

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12 thoughts on “Poem #345

  1. Beautiful poem. Loved the flow! ❤️❤️

    1. “Flow” is exactly what I was thinking!

      This is stunning.

      1. Yes absolutely stunning! 😊

  2. Expressive. Very beautiful

  3. Reads like she is rediscovery a colorful life that has been awaiting her return… 😉

  4. Beautiful writing

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