Poem #357

Scene 1:
Everyone was walking on the ground,
she was walking on clouds.
Her life was a dream as she played the role
of the girl in-love.
From dresses to the lingerie they hid,
From breakfast in bed served wearing his shirt to
putting a drop of perfume on her thighs and neck
hoping he will memorize her scent.

Scene 2:
If the skies are crying, it’s not a sad day.
It was time to cuddle up under the blanket.
If he would lose himself along the way,
she was running to rescue him.
His burden was hers as well,
she found forgiveness for all mistakes.
Never once a flaw, bad hair days or unshaved legs
on the body she so willingly gave to him.

Scene 3:
It was all in vain, the fairytale land had one mistake.
It was tailored from movies and scenes,
written like a paragraph from a love story
but none of it was real.
Real feelings were put aside so she could play a role.
She imitated everything she saw love was as a little kid
just because she wanted to be picked.
She wanted for somebody to claim her, cross an ocean to find her,
do everything to sweep her off her feet.

Scene 4:
It was an award-worthy performance but it was nothing more.
An act, a lie, a desperate attempt to become loved.
The curtains are about to close and she can’t even cry.
The crowd is leaving but she cannot seem to find the strength
to leave the stage. So much of her was poured into this play.
Maybe when another one comes to the stage, he will appreciate
the performance and stay.

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12 thoughts on “Poem #357

  1. I love this!!! Powerful.Beautiful.

  2. Wonderful poem, with beautiful imagery!!✨

  3. What a great film this is!
    I guess we’ve all seen it before,
    but it always bears a repeat viewing.

  4. Wonderful writing.

  5. Hey blooming Luna that is amazing poetry! So lovely written! Congratulations 👋

  6. This poem makes me want to cry for all the women that have played this part in one way or another. How easily we degrade ourselves as though our only value is beauty. What a powerful, simple way to tell this story. Give yourself a hug!

  7. Mmmm, this one hits hard, nice work!

  8. Oh woow~💖

  9. wow! beautiful poem ❤

  10. Re # 357: Very nicely done, the poem strikes home. Reminds me of my youth . . .

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