Majnun Leyla (Night’s Crazy)

As I’m prepared to host the Moon,
It came with that glow lighting my mood,
We started reading each other as a book.
Suddenly it said “You read very deeply that you live in it,
But your poems and quotes are stink”
I panicked and asked for the reason behind this.
“Because as the famous poet Mewlana Rumi said you need to die before you die,
You need to die first to make your poems limit be the sky,
You need to die of craving and searching to unwrap what your soul tied.
At that time your words will start to give,
At that time your poems will start to live,
At that time your soul will be released.
Leave that temple that is used to been bragged in it,
And build a temple in your heart so you can really feel it, live in it and be it”
The night got into its depth,
The Moon is silent with its voiceful grace,
The sky is with its dots being Moon’s vase.
When my heart gets deeper in this feeling and start dancing hula,
And me being Majnun (crazy) by searching what’s hidden in this Leyla (night),
I realize that I became Majnun Leyla.

  • Majnun Leyla is a name given for lovers that get so deep in love that they get drunk of it and search for it especially in the night.

by Ahmed M. Adushe
Ig ~ adushe_aa


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