Poem #246

With us it’s never really over, there’s always this bond.
There was never closure, so many things left unsaid
but we know if we meet again the history would
repeat itself. 4 walls, one bed, you and I and all of
those things would still be unsaid.

Lately, I’ve been…

Hello everyone!
Since I removed some category on my blogs, including The Positivity Press, I don’t hear as much from you as before regarding your life and what have you been up to so I decided to make a post every now and then to just update you with what’s been going on with me and in the comments you can let me know what have you been up to. So, let’s talk!

As you know I finally passed my drivers exam and I loved all of your positive comments and support. My schedule has been awful for the last few weeks with my job and my Digital marketing studies. I am so in love with Digital marketing and I hope it will be my career one day but I still have a lot of learning to do. I haven’t been reading any poetry books or novels because whenever I have a chance to sit down and read I am always focused on digital marketing books, community management books etc.

I have been binge watching the show Empire. I know it aired in 2015, but I just discovered it and I am obsessed with Cookie Lyon. You can bet I already came to season 6, can’t wait for the new episode to watch!

In the past few months I have been eating a bunch of junk food because I have no time to cook, but I am trying to get back on track and eat healthier because I can feel that this awful nutrition is messing with my health and energy level.

Also, recently a little job offer fell into my lap. I am not going to quit my current job but I will have two jobs. Obviously, I take the term “You can sleep when you’re dead” very seriously. As soon as all of the details about my second job are worked out, I will let you all know what’s it about. Now I am going to get a coffee with my friend and I can’t wait to read all of your comments to see what you’ve been doing lately. Love you all!

Sending love and positive vibes,

The Kingfisher

Åpen door –
kann vi, then, enter?
The kingfisher alights the breeze.
(Poe uh) trees in pots by leaves
collected, bound: of grass.

Why… why only one?
For all the wooded-brown:
just you, amongst the stools
‘n chairs ‘n pews,
stood there, off’ring seat ‘n rest
a peachy-pink. The orange-breasted
kingfisher keeps the wall in feathers.

Auld, arched façade –
scaffold-laden – keeps its
guard’yun crow (Or raven?)
sheltered as it, clad in black,
looks down upon sheet-metal tagged
with propelled paint and adorned
with notices in neon. A turquoise
crown and robe in flight:
the kingfisher fishes from a frame.

Åpen, still – “Kann vi ha
lit kaffe?” – and the kingfisher
is hidden from my view
by queue of people.

A sunny Sunday morning
here in Bristol.

My name is William Altoft. I’m a writer in and from (and consistently on) Bristol, in the UK.




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Back together again

It’s not easy being me
I took a fall from a window
and went into flight
aided by the northwest wind

I went to pieces, without assistance
My head and legs went different places
I thought – “that’s it!” – and went to bits
as i thought i’d played my aces

But from the kerb and the grass
i saw a hand pass
and head and body did rise
to my upmost surprise

I looked up at the lad
as i went good from bad
and we headed back home
a new place to roam

So i sit on the shelf, thankful for health
with other model toys – oh joy of joys
enjoying my place – in my safety of space
and spending time as i can – a new lego man.

I’m a poet who hails from Salford , England. Home to James Joule , LS Lowry and Humphrey Booth – and plenty of other scientists and artists. These great men have provided me with lots of inspiration in my writing. I also get inspiration from the countries i visit and events i volunteer at…currently part of the volunteer squad of the Imperial War Museum (North) where i help out in the galleries….you can find me at inkdrops.blog or Allpoetry.com/InkdropK


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I meandered from this plastic world,
Of silicone charlatans,
Paper tigers in cardboard cages.
This well-trod path toward Wonder curled.

With heightened every faculty,
Around each turn another yet,
And the trail it rises higher still,
Each crest a broader world to see.

And hence do these two worlds collide,
Of the past and the present Me.
Of true and false, of mystery,
Contrasted boldly. Inside, outside.

Now I fold and gently knead,
And loaf this new Me, let to rise.
A crusty crust, yet soft within,
Warm and whole in thought and deed.

I hope you don’t think me unkind,
Must you remain in this land of mimes
And brightly backlit images of
This phony world I leave behind.

For all the colored flags unfurled
And shiny things to catch the eye,
The tin machines and mounds of gold
Are good for naught in Nature’s world.

My voice I’ve joined with nightingales’,
With eagles I have flown on high,
Held up my gaze to seek the joy
Of blue skies where the storm cloud sails.

I felt compelled to let you know,
As I blend into the trees,
Am borne aloft upon the breeze,
In case you wonder “Where’d he go?”

I’m Scott R. O’Connor, and write as a hobby from my home in upstate New
York, USA. I live and walk the shores of the Mohawk River, in the shadow of
James Fennimore Cooper’s Letherstocking Tales. My works are shared on my
Wordpress blogs.
Drop by, won’t you?


Write on.


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My drivers exam is today!

Hello everyone!
I am taking my drivers exam for the third time today. Please keep your fingers crossed, pray for me to pass this because if I don’t I will go bankrupt. This shit is expensive. I am trying my best not to get to nervouse, not to get stressed but do you know that feeling when you are trying your best not to be stressed just to end up more stressed. That, my friends, is the story of my life.

Anyways, my exam is in a few hours, I will update you on the result.

Sending love and positive vibes,