Poem #207

You got angry when you found out I threw
out all of your stuff. I used to love them,
I used to sleep in them but now they are just
painful memories of the man I used to love
who was nothing like what you turned out to be.
You are nothing compared to the one I loved but
life is cruel enough to make you both the same person.
Two faces, one body.

Poem #206

Suddenly we were strangers. Like there was
a wall through which we couldn’t see each other anymore
and once, not so long ago we would spend endless hours
talking about things we don’t remember now.

It’s like all of the good disappeared as if taken from the
surface by a strong wave that suffocated both of us and
in order to live we had to swim in opposite directions.

Not a single glance, not a single smile when we pass
each other in the street, as if there wasn’t a bond
so strong holding us together, as if we didn’t don’t what’s
it like to hold each other tight. Suddenly we were strangers.

Poem #205

Girl, if you live believing all of them
are bastards just because one hurt and lied
to you, you will deprive yourself of the possibility
to see the good in the one who is waiting
for a soul just like yours.

Poem #204

She was a fire born on a hot summer day.
Her heart was kind but too exposed so it
became a liability. She realized to late
what kind of place the world is and somehow
the fire got burned. There’s ice running
through her veins now. The fire is dying out.

Poem #203

It’s hard to put one foot in front
of the other when you lose faith in yourself.
It’s forced, it’s fake, you do it because
you know you have to and not because
you want to.

Stuck in a place you don’t want to be,
surrounded by people you don’t want to see,
reliving the same nightmare every morning.
Where do the lost go?

Leave the place, leave the city.
One foot in front of the other, maybe you
stumble across the faith you lost.

Typewriter Poetry

Poem #202

You see someone else in the place that
once belonged to you.
“It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt,
it doesn’t hurt” you repeat to yourself
but no matter how many times you say
it, you still can’t force yourself to believe it.