Poem #321

You are giving yourself out.
You put a bow on your head,
turned yourself into a gift for
the one who would like to take you.
You just want to be something to anyone
in order to feel like a someone.
Do you value yourself so little?
It’s sad you do not know your beautiful
soul is a gift that keeps on giving.

Poem #320

How can you corrupt something so
young and innocent?
As if getting her attention wasn’t enough,
you now want to expand your influence,
see how much you can manipulate
the mind that still believes in a happy end.
Do you get off on causing pain?

Her soul wasn’t ready to take a beating
but you didn’t blink an eye while
turning her into the other girl
the second option for your lonely nights.
You took one look at her, didn’t care what was inside.
You called her gut feelings a joke
while you were turning her into one.

Where is the finish line, where is the satisfaction
of making someone feel filthy, worth less than a dime
How can you corrupt something so
young and innocent?
Did you even feel the shame
or you just let her take the fall?

Poem #319

Tonight I will forgive myself.
I will forgive myself for all the times
I let you in knowing you will leave without a word,
without a whisper of why and where.
I will forgive myself for not letting you in tonight
and denying myself the pleasure of pretending to
belong to you, of feeling wanted.
I will forgive myself for everything I’ve done to hurt myself.
From now on, it will only be me until completely healed.

Poem #318

And so we live.
Our inner ten year olds are ashamed of us.
But we still live.
Our freedom is shackled by the opinions of others.
But we still live.
Our days are a well played out routine.
But we still live.
We slayed our dreams with the knife called reality.
But are we still alive?

Poem #317

You told me I am disturbingly
easy to fall in love with.
I didn’t know if I should say thank you
or slap you.
Am I so ordinary that I can be
everyone’s cup of tea?
Can’t you see I am a shot of whiskey?

Poem #316

Am I here because of who I am or
because I conveniently came along on a lonely night?
Is it really me you want or
is there a hole you need to fill?
Don’t you know that people become as empty and hollow
as those empty spaces you are trying to fill out with their presence.

Poem #315

I keep my heart concealed.
I keep my personality silent.
I keep my truth locked in my throat.
I do it because I hear echoes of past experiences
in his voice and it makes me scared.
I guess I would rather hold on to fear,
do everything to keep myself safe than
take a fucking chance at happiness.