Poem #249

I decided to believe love is enough.
I will hold you with both hands and
we’ll call this place a home.
In a sea of my sad songs I’ll write you
one filled with colors.
In a world full of fake lives
I will find something real for us.
This time it will better and this time
we will better and this time it will be forever.


Poem #248

You built a sandcastle and I made it a home.
You gave me harsh words, I turned them into poems.
You gave me a fake love and I made it into a fairytale.
You gave me nothing and I found something to fall for.
You showed your true self and I let the sea tear down the castle.

Poem #246

With us it’s never really over, there’s always this bond.
There was never closure, so many things left unsaid
but we know if we meet again the history would
repeat itself. 4 walls, one bed, you and I and all of
those things would still be unsaid.

Poem #245

Can’t you see what you’ve made me do?
You became a part of me, you became the half of me.
Now that you’re gone I am trying to replace you
with liquids which make my head dizzy
and smoke which I twirl in my fingers
as if it was your curly hair.
You were poison which felt so good
and I am trying to replace you with
substances that don’t come close to you.

Poem #244

I get angry with myself every time I write
down a poem because I just see so much
of you in my work. You are in every verse,
in every thought. I don’t know how to
purge you out of my system. The tears
and the screams and the words and
the denial aren’t working anymore.
If this is what love does, I don’t know if
I want to feel it ever again.