Weekend pancakes

Good morning guys and happy weekend!

Today is my work Saturday but I woke up feeling all types of happy for no apparent reason. I was also inspired to make this fitness friendly Saturday breakfast which includes pancakes.

I already told you that I am struggling to stay healthy and active during quarantine and I successfully turned it into my daily habit. I don’t skip my workouts and I try to eat a healthy and balanced diet. It is really paying off since I have been feeling much better and am able to cope with this current situation with a positive attitude.

My shift starts at noon and after that I will be resting and tomorrow I am going over to my sisters where we are celebrating Mother’s day. I can’t wait for my nephew to give me a proper workout because that child never stops. He is super active and is always running around. The last time I spent the morning with him my tights were killing me because he made me jump with him for hours on his trampoline. Yes, he has a trampoline (long story).

I am really happy about Croatia slowly going out of quarantine. Our bars and restaurants are being opened starting 11/5/ and there are less restrictions. We already know this will probably cause a new surge in the number of ill people, but I think that we will get through this fine because we became much more careful. I just hope people will still practice social distancing and keep themselves safe.

How is the situation in your country and what are your plans for the weekend?

Happy Easter

Hello everyone!

I would first like to wish a Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating today 😀

Me and my mom have been alone this Easter, not even my sister came by and all in support of social distancing of course. We’ve had a lot of yummy food and I have been having a terrible headache because the weather is changing and I am very sensitive to weather changes.

I took half of the day off from blogging because I just wanted to have this day to literally be lazy and eat and rest my head but I am feeling better now so I wanted to check in with you.

I will be posting for The Poetry Bar regularly from tomorrow again. Also, my Poetry Bar e-mail inbox has been dry lately so feel free to send in some new works, I am looking forward to all of them. The e-mail is poetrybar1@gmail.com

This is it for me today. Have a happy Easter, enjoy it with your family and keep social distancing!

Sending love and positive vibes

Feel it all

Hello everyone! 

It has been a long time since I made an outfit post, so here is one.  I wore this today while going to Zagreb and leaving my house after a long time and don’t worry, I had a good reason. 


I went to Zagreb today because I had to go to my firm to sign some papers and get some equipment for working from home. I didn’t quite realize how much I missed just stepping into that building, feeling like I am going to work. It made things feel normal after a very long time and then I actually stepped into my office. It was empty. The whole floor was just empty. There were a few agents working and some of the main managers were there but that was it. The office which is usually filled with a bunch of people who are talking, laughing was silent.  

It felt so strange. I have been home for a month and I kept track of everything that was going on but this was the first time that I really felt it. We were in quarantine. There was something that we couldn’t see that was controlling our lives and made us listen to the news every day to hear how many more patients we got today. 

I am preaching about positivity and keeping sane during quarantine so much that I forgot that it is okay and necessary to feel the fear and the anxiety and the loneliness that comes with this. We need to acknowledge all feelings, the good and the bad and confront them. The more we stick together while being apart, the faster this will all be over. 

Sending love and positive vibes,

My Uber driver was drunk

Hello everyone!

Let me tell you what an interesting and borderline life endangering weekend I had.

So on Friday night me and some of my work friends agreed to go and grab a few drinks. We have been trying to go out for a drink for a very long time and finally we managed to arrange everything. We got all pretty and went drinking. You know I have to post my outfit now.

So after three rounds my friend was like, let’s go somewhere else. I was absolutely against partying that night because I had to get up early in the morning and go from Zagreb to Zabok for my mom’s birthday and also I am on a two week vacation currently.

We ended up going hunting for a club to have a bit more fun at but it was quite hard since it was close to midnight and everything was full. We looked, and I want to emphasize that we just looked at a bar, and decided not to go in because it was a very small place. All of the sudden what I presume was the fucking owner of that fish bowl came and literally told us to get in, that there was a table. My friends were very excited and I felt like vomiting because I know how small bars like that work because I used to work at one. My bedroom was bigger than that place, their offer of drinks was terrible and the DJ sucked.  I am using the term DJ very generously here. He was a guy with a laptop and an updated version of Winamp.

I was made fun of a lot because I just stood there like a fucking plant, didn’t want to dance and in general hated that place. When I decided to go home, I had to get me an Uber. When I got into the Uber, I told the driver again where we are headed and he started driving and this caused issues for me because I couldn’t get out of the fucking Uber while he was driving and he was slightly drunk and annoying. He started to hit on me and literally told me that he will stop at a parking lot so that we can switch places and I would drive. First of all, I am a terrible driver and the fact that I drank that night wouldn’t improve my driving skills. Second of all, I AM NOT THE UBER DRIVER YOU ARE! I don’t know what was up with that guy, but it was just so uncomfortable to be near him.

It was just terrifying at one point because he started to drive very fast. I survived and now I have to live with the notion that this lunatic knows where he can find me in Zagreb . GOD!

I spent Saturday with my family and it was just great. I was a bit hungover and tired but I pulled through. My mom made a lot of yummy food and we just chilled and talked. And my mom know how to prepare a lunch!

That’s it for me now, I hope you have a lovely week.

Sending love and positive vibes


I was wrong

Hello everyone!

You know that sinus infection I was convinced I had for the 5 consecutive year? It turned out to be the fucking flu.

I was shocked. I was so determined not to have the flu that I behaved as if there is no chance in hell I can have the flu. Does this sound weird? Like I came back from Zagreb and I already told my mom that I will be gone before the weekend because I will be back at work as soon as I get some antibiotics for my sinuses. I don’t even have a thermometer with me because I started to drink some medication for the fever. Bear in mind that I knew damn well I had the fever and everything in my body hurt, from my legs to my back but I was still dead set on having a sinus infection. Luna, the doctor (obviously) decided she doesn’t have time to be ill so I just decided to go to the doctor, tell her I have a sinus infection and be on my marry way to my job with my antibiotics.

And yes, I did exactly that. My usual doctor is currently not working, so there’s like a substitute doctor. Yesterday, when I went to the doctor, there was a suspicion in our main hospital that there’s a patient with the Corona virus so the main hospital was on lockdown for some time. My sister called me and told me I need to take one of those medical masks and put it on my face because my immune system is very low and I need to protect myself from the flu and keep myself safe while I was in the doctor’s waiting room. All the while I was the flu in the waiting room.

Oh yes, fun fact, the only masks the pharmacy had were children masks so I had a white mask with teddy bears on.

I came to the doctor, all convinced that I just need her to give me an antibiotic and after I explained to her what I need, she stuck that thing in my ear and measured my temperature and people I was burning. She was just like: “Do you even know how high your fever is?”

Of course I didn’t, because I was convinced that I didn’t have a fever. So to make a long story short, I have been in bed for the last two days with a bag of pills I need to drink. I actually have an alarm that goes off at 1 in the morning when I need to drink one of them. I can’t, you guys. I hate feeling so useless and so in pain all the time. I tried to wash the dishes today and I was so dizzy that I just went straight to bed. I lost the ability to speak because my throat is just dead.

I hope this hell will end soon. Until then, please do send your Poetry Bar submission, I always have the strength to post them.

Sending love and positive vibes,

My sinuses are killing me

Guys, I am ill.

I feel like I have been hit by a bus, the bus then put in reverse to drive over me and then he went straight and ran over me once more. I HATE THIS!

Every single year I get a sinus infection. It’s an annual thing for me but this is the first time I got the fever with it. It all started on Saturday and the fever came yesterday. I got really scared I might be getting the flu so I went to see a doctor here in Zagreb. They told me that I am at risk of getting the flu and that I should stay home, in bed, resting and drinking lots of fluids. I also got some medication to control my fever but she didn’t give me an antibiotic for my sinuses. Now I have to take my ill ass back to Zabok to see my doctor to get antibiotics and the paperwork for my sick days of work.

There’s nothing like hearing you are at risk of getting the flu and then going to a doctor’s waiting room filled with ill people. Great. Just great. I have no idea how am I going to endure a train ride from Zagreb to Zabok since my head feels like it’s going to explode all the time but I have to pull through.

I was actually planning on going to work today and ignoring the doctor a bit but when I got up in the morning I couldn’t open my eyes fully because of the pressure in my head. I get dizzy all the time and I also cannot concentrate on anything so I spent the day in bed.

I am sorry for the lack of posts today in The Poetry Bar but I am just feeling dead. I decided to stick to my “one post a day” routine so here is me complaining about my illness and throwing in a random outfit picture because I don’t know how to write poems about my sinuses.

I hope your week started better than mine.

Sending love and positive vibes