Poem #123

Nobody is to know of the pain she endures. It’s all well hidden in the night, the dark as black as the bruises on her neck surrounds the cursed home and the cursed closed doors behind which she cries for help. The only number bigger than the number of times he beat the shit out […]

My life Poems

Poem #119 – Abused children’s lullaby

Hey there little sleepy girl! Tonight daddy didn’t fall asleep on the curb. He is home, punching mom, breaking stuff, cursing hard. Be a good girl as mommy said and hide under the bed, hope you won’t end up dead. Hey there little sleepy boy! One day you will grow so strong. So strong you […]

Coffee Date

Should I forgive my abuser?

Today I decided to do one of my longer posts in which I share my opinions on the subject of abuse, especially domestic abuse. I’ve written about it in some of my posts and I shared pieces of my domestic abuse story on this blog. One of my goals in life is actually to find […]