an entity of CONTRADICTIONS.

She’ll fight,
She’ll sacrifice.
She’ll be graceful,
She’ll quench people’s eyes.

Her precise steps,
With a poker face,
Leaving contemplation
On each one’s gaze.
–  excerpt from the poem “Stilettos” featured in the book “an entity of CONTRADICTIONS” by traveller

Step into transitions of emotions, feelings and reactions, recognizing our interactions and responses to them:


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Descent, Ascent, Transfiguration

Why write anything? Aristotle talks about eudiamonia. Some interpret it as happiness, but a far better translation is flourishing. The metaphor of a rose bush helps; if a rose bush is green and is growing, it’s just alive but not fulfilling its potential; when the rose bush is doing what it’s supposed to, blooming roses, then the plant is thriving, flourishing.

Writing is something that I have to do. It helps me process, put things out there that I struggle with, maybe make sense of this life and world. Publishing is a total financial failure, but I like to get work out there, maybe one day I’ll make a small profit on something I write.

Why did I write the book pictured above? I’ve always wanted to publish a book of my own poetry. In a way it’s a confession of an akratic, certainly not an intemperate. But one who wants to ascend toward what Aristotle calls being the temperate man. But by grace, which is the missing piece or virtue in Aristotle’s philosophy.

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