Poem #229

You know it’s not just a habit.
You know it’s not just “We decided to stay friends”
It’s the flame that never went out and
it’s burning through your veins,
pulling you back to hell
as you fall into his arms again.
But you love the heat, don’t you?

Poem #173

I can feel you running your fingers
up and down my neck even when you’re not here.
I feel like I’m burning when I remember
our first hug.
All of those small things make me a person
I tried to bury the last time I got hurt.
You make me vulnerable and for the first
time I am not trying to hide it.

Poem #153

I wrote about every feeling I had for you,
no matter good or bad. Everything you ever
were and are to me is in my poetry but this
desire, this immense wish can best be explained
in Spanish: Tengo ganas de ti.