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Saturday in a doctor’s office

Hello everyone!

I had an awful Saturday! I decided to go to a doctor because of my hand (I mentioned I have some problems in my latest video: ) and this was not my doctor. So I am not in my hometown, so I went to let’s call it an “on-duty” doctors office. They usually work on the weekends and holidays and you can go there even if it’s not your personal doctor.

So I read online that the working hours are from 8 in the morning to 8 in the evening. You can guess my surprise when I came there and saw that on Saturday they work from 3 PM. Why update your information online? Usually when I need the working hours of a place I go there and check what it says on the doors, rather than checking online. Don’t we all?

So I was there around 1PM and I used that time to go and buy some groceries I needed and I went back to my place, left my stuff there and then went back to the doctors office. I came there at three and waited in front with two more people. This lasted for almost an hour and a half. The office was closed and locked, you could only enter if you were invited by the doctor or the nurse after they’ve checked your temperature and that for me is completely understandable. It was not cold outside so it wasn’t some big deal standing there and waiting. Safety above all – let’s use the warmer weather to avoid being in closed spaces now, especially in doctors waiting rooms.

Finally it was my turn. I got up the stairs and there, in front of everyone this doctor asked me what was wrong. I just showed him my hand and I thought he will be checking my temperature and that he will let me in. He then proceeded to ask me if I burned myself somewhere and I said no. He then asked me “Well what happened?”. I was kind of angry and embarrassed about the fact that I had to talk to him, outside in the open where there were two more people about my health issues. I understand we are all trying to be safe but diagnosing someone on the stairs of a doctors office with other people present is shitty and lack privacy. I had my mask, I was following the guidelines and I expected to be treated as a normal patient and not as if I came to have a cup of coffee with the doctor. I don’t know if I am being dramatic but it’s my opinion. I had to explain to him that it hurt and all of that. He didn’t even look at it well and he told me he would be right back.

I never got a diagnosis, he never told me if my tissue was inflamed or anything. He just gave me my, let’s call it health ID, and told me that I need to go to a drug store to pickup my medicine.

I went there, hoping I got an antibiotic because on several occasions I was told that this is inflamed and that I need an antibiotic – by my sister who is a nurse, by two pharmacists when I came to ask for help. He gave me a cream because obviously he thinks I have an infection of some sort. I am putting it on, but I will also get in touch with my personal doctor because I trust her and this doctor was so unprofessional that I just don’t trust him or his diagnosis. Am I being dramatic?

I don’t know.

My whole afternoon was spent on walking around and chasing that doctor. I came back home, did my workout, ate, showered and spent the evening in bed watching a show. I was just dead by the end of the day and frustrated.

Yes, that is it from me guys. I am going to try and have a better day then before.

Don’t forget to check out my last video and let me know down in the comments how is your weekend going.

Sending love and positive vibes,

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My life

Sunday Funday – not so much

So I managed to end up in the ER today. For a few days (and a few posts) I have been complaining and whining like a little girl that my muscles hurt and that I have been doing a lot of work lately because of the apartment renovations. One of those works was lifting very heavy thing, and by thing I mean garbage, and throwing it into this gigantic dumpster so that we could get rid of it. It was stuff like old windows, closets etc.

My clumsy self managed to do some weird shit to my shoulder and back which landed me in the ER. During this whole week I felt some pain in my upper left back but I thought it was because of a lot of sitting at work, sleeping like a contortionist and other normal stuff. Yesterday in the evening the pain didn’t get worse, it shifted. My heart started hurting. That little traitor, I have been trying so hard to prove it doesn’t exist. The pain spread very quickly across the left part of my chest. I couldn’t breathe normally, I would get dizzy and every now and then this sharp pain would pierce my heart. And what did I do. I did what every normal, mature person would do. I completely ignored the pain and went to bed. Did anyone ever tell you how fun it is to sleep when you can’t actually breathe normally? It’s great.

I was so convinced that the pain was caused by stress or something else but when I woke up it was still there. I decided to ignore it and then I ended up in the ER. When I was explaining to the doctors what is actually happening, they looked at me as if I was a bit crazy because all of my blood results and other test were great. Everything was perfect. Also, did i forget to mention that the nurse that was drawing my blood couldn’t find my vein and now my right arm looks like I’m a drug addict.

Then he came into the room. The doctor who examined me was so hot. My Goooooooooooooooood. And I was there looking like a potato that just came from a war.

I had to go and do an X-ray. He asked me if I was pregnant. I was so close to telling him “No, but if you’re up for it we can work something out”. God, he was fine. Not just like fine, fine but more of a “the hot doctor you only see in movies” fine.

After five hours in the ER they told me that it was a muscle problem and blahblahblah. The most important thing is that my heart and my lungs are alright. I can actually breathe better now.

So that was my Sunday Funday. Since I spent the whole weekend in pain and 5 hours in the ER I am sorry for not being active. I will do better, I swear. Now I am going to shower, drink some pills and get some rest.

Sending love and positive vibes,