My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday and I’ve had two celebrations. One was in Zadar in June and one was this Friday with my friends in my hometown Zabok. On both parties I’ve had so much fun and I just love my friends so much!

In Zadar I celebrated my birthday with my friend Ivana. Before the party both of us went shopping, bought each other presents and bought the food and drinks for the party. We had a private party in Ivana’s apartment and later we were supposed to go out but I just couldn’t because the exams were still going and I was just too tired to go out and dance so I skipped that part.



selfie time duckface

If you ever wanted to know what a cake with 40 candles looks like, here it is. It looks like a fire on a plate. We both turned 20 and we wanted to have 20 candles for each of us.birthday cake

Vana needs a standing ovation for her photobombing bomb ootd

In Zabok I celebrated with Isabella, Jana and Marta. We drank some cocktails, ate some pizza and then drank some more. i haven’t been with them for a long time and I just had so much fun just talking to them. We really had a lot to say after all that time.

car selfiecocktails wine pizza selfie

She got her new shoes dirty and was checking to see if they were alright. She doesn’t normally sit like

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beach bar mango beach bar blue hawaiian cocktails food and wine food greeting to the sun greetings to the sun pizza received_864888096949978 sea selfie selfies sunset

From Tuesday to Friday I’ve finally had the chance to embrace the fact that I live in one of the most beautiful cities on the Croatian seaside. I’ve had my last exam on Tuesday and then my high school friend Isabella came to visit and we just enjoyed those few days in Zadar.


We’ve spent our days on the beach, sunbathing, swimming, drinking cocktails and eating. Every evening we would get ready and go out to have some dinner, drink some wine and cocktails and sit on the greetings to the sun.

I just enjoyed this few days with her because I really needed a break from life. On Friday the smart thing we should’ve done was stay in and pack my stuff because I had to empty my apartment but nooooooo. We went to the beach again, had lunch out and drank some cocktails. I’ve tried a cocktail called Liquid cocaine and I love it. Definitely drinking it again!

After running around the apartment we finally packed my stuff, placed them in the car and went home. Even in the car we had a good time because something just hit us. Was it the sun, the cocktails – I don’t know but everything was just funny. The only regret we had on the way home was not stopping at Burger King.

All in all I’ve had a great time with my friend and we will repeat this next year, for sure!

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I got a nephew!

I became such an incredibly lazy blogger. Shame on me! I don’t have any new stuff written but I did feel a bit guilty for not posting in a while so I’ve decided to just check in with you guys. I have some beautiful news.

My nephew was born. Those nine months my family spent waiting for him felt like an eternity and my sister had a difficult pregnancy, went in and out of hospital, but when you look at those big blue eyes of his and he holds your finger with his tiny hand you know it was all worth it. Giving birth do David was extremely hard for my sister but she stayed strong and I’m so proud of her and I know she’ll be an awesome mom. I just have to point out he has my eyes, like Harry Potter had his mother’s eyes. So glad he has something of mine!


20160415_170558 20160414_121935 20160413_185424 20160415_112329


I went home on Tuesday and I came back yesterday.


The first night I got home I was dead tired but did not move an inch from him. That why I look like I’m going to die on this picture.


I had a pancake night with my sister, brother in law and best friend/neighbor.


My life seems empty without him now. I just miss my little David so much. Thank God that in a month I’m going home for my cousins weeding so I’ll be with him again.

As I said on a previous post, I’ve moved into a new apartment aaaaand I still have no pictures of it. I promise that by the end of the week I’ll post some up because it’s truly a beautiful apartment. I live inside a house and in the apartment next to me are two guys and I became friends with them. Since I’m an idiot in the kitchen my boys make sure I always have something to eat. I would probably starve without them. We hang out a lot, my friends come over, we drink a bit and just have a good time. My friend Ivana and I even had a Harry Potter marathon with them. It lasted for two days.

20160410_013452 20160409_13082820160407_16210820160406_221716

The weather in Zadar is awesome now so I took a lot of walks with my friend Andrea because the sea salt is in the air and the sun is shining all the time and you can just feel the summer coming. Also Andrea, Katarina and me went to watch My Big Fat Greek Weeding 2 and died laughing.



20160403_175501So in general that’s a bit about me. Like I said by the end of the week I’ll post the pictures of my apartment and maybe write something new but now I’m back to the books because I have an exam tomorrow and I did not study this week because I couldn’t separate myself from David. Keep your fingers crossed for me tomorrow.

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Birthday party

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Vana, happy birthday to you!

birthdayI was on my friend Vana’s 19 birthday party yesterday and it was amazing. We danced, sang, ate, drank and had so much fun. There was some break dancing, hip hop, cha-cha-cha and a lot of free styling.

Around 8 we all gathered and stayed up until 2. The two working chefs Ivana and Vana made sure we had some sweets to eat and the cake was just delicious.

foodThe birthday girl had to blow her candles a few times for the sake of a good photo shooting. You have to do what you have to do. Make a wish Vana!

wishvana birthdayShe was also sooo pretty with her hair did and that outfit. We all had our outfits on point and makeup on fleek but due to the heavy rain we never left the apartment so we created our own fun there. I think that the neighbors wanted to kill us.






You know that when you’re at a party, you have that “I’m exhausted, like my instagram picture” kind of mood.

20160213_002252All in all it was a great night and more birthdays are coming up so this will be repeated!

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