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Portuguese lectures

Since Friday I forgot how it is to wake up in the morning and not get prepared for a day of running around. I just tried to balance my studying, university and some sort of a social life.

Last week was the week of languages and there were ambassadors and many other important people on my university and we’ve had many lectures about the Spanish and Portuguese language. I didn’t manage to attend many of them but on Friday I had to because they counted as 25% of my grade.

The lectures were about the Portuguese language and I loved them because I love that language and I’m trying really hard to become good at it. My favorite lecture was by Rodrigo Barros who is a poet, professor and a singer.

He held a beautiful lecture and he sang and played the guitar for us. I just fell in love with the songs. In the evening we all gathered at a park behind a club and had a poetry evening. Again the same professor sang and then a few poets presented their poems. I wasn’t really a fan of their work, wasn’t my cup of tea, but the evening was worth it because of the singing.

I also spend that day with my friend Andrea. We ate some pizza, ice cream, had a drink in the evening and just had a wonderful time together. I really loved spending the day with her. Here’s a few pictures from Friday.

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My life

Saturday shopping

I’ve spent so much money I’m going to starve this month… Well it’s not the first time!

I’ve hit the road early in the morning with my roommate and we went to a shopping mall for some new things. Since we had to wait for out bus on the station we had a breakfast in McDonalds. Ate some morning wraps, croissants and I had to eat an ice cream because I’m such a sugar addict. Can’t help myself :).


So I just wore some black pants, a royal blue peplum shirt, Roberto shoes, black leather jacket and my little backpack. It’s February here but it’s so hot I just walked around in the shirt, without my jacket. I can’t wait for summer to come so we can go to the beach and sunbathe.


Later we proceeded to the shopping mall. We went to H&M, Bershka, Zara… Even though my roommate didn’t want to buy anything I made her do it. I’m the most awful shopping partner ever because I want to see and try everything, it takes me ages to pick what I want and mostly I lose all control and buy the things that I don’t even need.


After a few hours of walking around the stores we came to our apartment and we’re currently making lunch. Going to make some brown rice with veggies and then back to the books because we have exams next week. Anybody have some good studying tips? Please let me know in the comments or my social media: Facebook Luna
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