My life

Today kind of sucks

I got my period.
My boyfriend is self-isolating.
I miss my mommy.
I ruined my lunch and now I feel sick.
Today is not Friday.
Has this been too much info for you? I have no shame, my online friends are my only friends now.

How is your day going? 

So, my definition of this day is shit happens. And also, pesto is just….not my cup of anything. I don’t know why I thought that would be the food for me and I ruined a perfectly good plate of pasta. Since its 1 PM here and the day for me has been cancelled, I decided to order food because I just can’t. There are just days when the world should give you a break and let you be in bed, watch movies and get paid to do it. Am I right?! 

So, I am a mess today and very negative but that’s okay. Shit happens. I don’t know where this post is going, just wanted to air out my frustrations to someone. This pesto is messing with my stomach and I didn’t even eat it properly because I spit it out and everything around me now smells like basil.  

I can’t. Done. Gone. Pray for my stomach and may the delivery man come as soon as possible with my food because the last thing my angry ass needs now is to turn into a hangry ass.  

But I have to list at least one positive thing – my skincare products were delivered today morning. Order placed yesterday, products delivered today – this is the type of service I love and I love my Skintegra (the name of the brand) and they made my day. Even had a little Merry Christmas card in the box. I love them! 

When I am done with my shift I am going to take my long, daily walk, come home, watch some Netflix and hope the rest of my week is better and that all my deliveries come by Friday. Amen.  

Kids, don’t eat pesto.  

Sending love and positive vibes,