Poem #240

And so we decide it’s better to be alone
than to be hurt.
After years of experience we believe
it’s best to kill what makes us human
than to let it kill us.
So we fight during the day and surrender
to regret during the night because fear
never filled empty spaces, it just made
them larger.

The Poetry Bar

Standing upright

I hear they are scared of me
Afraid to approach & talk to me
First you put that blame on me
Then you try to take a hit on me

You fear I’m that crazy volcano
Ready to explode & destroy your yappity yap canoe
Burn the waters you’re sailing on
Coz I’m the intense fall of the Canyon

Unwilling to cooperate
You tell me I just operate
Simply deny to solve what you point at
With no copy or roger that

I heard so many allegations
You ran me down with accusations
I lost for a moment the sensation
So I ended up in total confusion

You wanted me to find the solution
I needed to be fixed was the conclusion
There was a huge interference in the discussion
So I left the things in shock & desperation

That night was gloomy & dark
The kick in the guts was deep & hard
It kept me awake in my thoughts
Replaying that scene was painful & odd

That scene brought me back to the senses
I went out for a walk in my 10’s
I kept asking myself the hows & the whys
My voice was heavy when I looked up at the skies

But to give up at this stage, wasn’t in my mind
My dear ones were there for me & stood by my side
The facts in my head, I started to write
To make you realize that hit wasn’t alright
So here I stand tall & upright

I am Navin from Denmark. An engineer/CAD technician by profession with passion in 3-dimensional creations. 

Poem is me. 

Self realization, experiences & expressions and some other dimensions, I share through my poetic creations, which I publish on my blog


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Poem #214

How can you make someone feel invisible,
thinner than paper, lighter than feather?
All of that flesh and blood and you just make it
disappear, you strip them away from everything.

How do you make someone feel worthless?
Just stay on the sidelines, don’t take away their essence.
If you drain their life to elevate yourself up it
will just intoxicate you more, stop spreading the damage.


Poem #30

People might not have wings but we were
meant to fly. Chains were not designed to fit us.
I refuse to back down. You can’t contain what’s
inside one’s heart.
Even if you close all the doors and get them sealed
I will jump through the window. You can’t stop me now
Hell can take me but not before I find my heaven on earth.

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My life

Being grateful

Throughout the day we thank our god a million times for something that happens good to us but most of the time it’s just empty words without any meaning. Today I decided to begin to actually be grateful for the little things in life which I take for granted because I honestly believe my life will be more fulfilled if I perceive some small, everyday moments as great life gifts.

I am grateful that I have a small circle of good friends which are always there for me and that I actually have friends who can sit with me and drink coffee for hours and just talk. Drinking coffee together is something me and my friends do often. In Croatia an hour and a half long coffee drinking is a part of our culture. Take-out coffee is not so popular with us because we like to sit in a bar and drink our coffee with our friends and we are so used to this that we take it for granted. I decided to be grateful for having friends to do this little coffee drinking tradition with.

There is one special friend I have. She is my best friend and the person that knows me best and she is my mother. I’m not some mommy’s little princess but my mother is such a special person, she’s my warrior and I’m so grateful to have such a strong role model in my life. She taught me what love is, that I can survive everything and that I’m strong enough and good enough to reach my full potential in life. She made so many sacrifices for me and I owe her to be the person she always believed I was.

I am grateful for every morning in which I have time to eat a healthy, delicious breakfast. I’m a breakfast enthusiast, breakfast is everything but I stopped appreciating it as I did before. From now on, every time I have my oatmeal or sandwich in the morning I will remember to be grateful to be able to enjoy it.

Zadar is such a lovely, warm, beautiful town and I enjoyed it a lot until I got used to it. I forgot to appreciate the sea, the bridge, the Greetings to the Sun, the Sea Organ, the talkative people, the beautiful sights and beaches, the old town… Most of the people who visit Zadar are left amazed with it and I live in this beautiful city so I’m going to be more grateful for all that it has to offer. Click here to check out some photos of Zadar if you want!

I have been going through some hardship lately and I talked about it in my post Self-doubt and Lack of Motivation. I am grateful for all the problems I went through, all the nights spent crying and for every time I thought I won’t be able to go forward anymore because if I hadn’t gone through all of that I would never be able to start building a stronger version of myself as I am doing right now. This collapse I survived made me realize I am strong enough and that hardships are here to make us remember what we are capable of so I’m grateful for the good and the bad, the darkness and the light.

I could go on forever with this list but I’m going to stop here. I hope you liked this and tell me in the comments what are you grateful for!

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Relationships – we all talk about them. Relationships with our family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, professors, classmates… They are essential for our existence because a human being wasn’t born to live alone.

Since the day we are born we seek human touch, presence and the sense of security that comes with the notion that someone is around but what happens when that just isn’t enough? What happens when relationships become a burden and our mind spirals out of control? How do we form that sense of security that comes with the notion that someone is around if all we want to do is be alone?

Sometimes we get so caught up in all of our relationships that we forget to keep our eyes wide open and remember why we are doing everything we do. Relationships make distractions become our daily routine and then out of the blue our life comes knocking at the door and we’re so scared to open because we become aware of the mistakes we can’t fix.

Right in that moment when we realize nothing is going our way and that we can’t fix it starts the phase of finger-pointing. Everyone is to blame for our failures. We are victims of circumstances. We didn’t bring this on ourselves. It’s their fault, everything is their fault!

We start to blame everyone around us for every bad thing that happens because admitting that we didn’t take control of our life in time is one more burden our backs can’t carry. It’s easier to look at yourself as a little victim than it is to blame yourself for your problems.

In the stage of finger-pointing we normally push people away because we constantly see them as the cause of our misery. Right in that moment our mind is a blur, our eyes don’t see clearly. Right in that moment you need to snap out of it!

Stop blaming everyone and admit it was you. You did this and that. You didn’t take care of yourself. Forgive yourself and give yourself some time to go over everything you did wrong. Don’t push people away, just take time away from them. Take some time to work on your most important relationship and that is the one you have with yourself. You are the alpha and the omega of your life and only you can save yourself.

Work on improving yourself as a person and just take some time to learn how to build that sense of security on your own. Learn how to handle yourself and most importantly learn how to forgive and respect yourself. Make sure you can count on yourself when everything goes down.

Don’t expect you’ll be able to have healthy relationships with other people if you are not one complete person and if you don’t have a healthy relationship with yourself.

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Expectations. That is a beautiful word that causes so much misery and leads to disappointment every damn time.

You can’t say it isn’t true. We constantly expect things and then get disappointed. We always expect for someone to call, care, do nice things for us and so on, and then we are just left disappointed when we realize that no one is doing anything for us.

Furthermore, mostly people get disappointed because they do various things to make some person happy, and then they wind up alone when they need help. I’m writing this because I’ve been going through something similar now but I won’t describe the situation since I don’t like to include people from my life into my blog so I’m just going to write down what I concluded out of this awful situation of mine.

Firstly, if you’re going to do anything to help someone just don’t expect they’ll do the same for you because most of the time they won’t. It’s sad but it’s true. Some people are just takers and they have no shame in life or the need to show any kind of gratitude towards the people who help them. You need to learn how to recognize those people and learn how to say NO! It’s a lovely word that many of us don’t want to say because we want to avoid confrontations or we don’t want to come off as rude people.

It’s bullshit! Stop making yourself miserable just so others would have a good opinion about you. If you want to do something say yes, but if you don’t then say no. It’s as simple as that. What is the use of making others comfortable and making their lives easier if you are miserable? For some people maybe it’s worth putting up with everything, but some of them just need to go back to their mothers so they could reeducate them because they are rude, disrespectful and ungrateful bastards.

My next conclusion is something I forget about often. You’re alone. No matter how many people you have around you, at the end of the day you’re all you’ve got so you should invest in yourself, work for yourself and depend on yourself and not waste your time on making others happy. This doesn’t mean you should turn your back on the world, this just means that you should be your plan A and plan B. Don’t sit around waiting for people to do something for you because most of the time they won’t, but it doesn’t matter because you are capable enough to take care of yourself. I know that the word alone causes a lot of fear but sometimes it can be positive.

Sometimes you need to go through the toughest time alone to stand on the top and realize how much you are capable of accomplishing with your own two hands. It’s an incredible power that makes you go further and gives you strength to just work your ass off. The day you learn to stand alone will be the day you become invincible.

Hug your friends, love your family, have fun, meet new people, but don’t make any expectations. Don’t get your hopes up and learn to stand alone.

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You hide a tear with a smile.
Everything around you turned grey.
Everywhere you look, you see clones.
Slaves of imposed perfection.

Nobody wants to be who they are but
you should demand to be loved for you and
don’t settle for anything less. Your looks don’t
make you pretty, the important is within.

Victory and defeat, happiness and sadness
They are a part of life and don’t dodge them,
rather make the best of everything. Don’t look
away, don’t hide yourself, you’re here for a reason.

Whatever they say, you ignore.
Head up, smile and go on.
Life is a ride that you will miss if you keep
standing scared on the sidewalk.

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Slap for a hypocrite

Don’t teach me how to live and don’t
sell me that crap how everything is unfair
because I already know it.
If i get in trouble I’ll find my way out,
I don’t need your help.
Don’t play the boss in this game, because
whenever you rule I lose aim so just
let me do things my own way.

Even if you see me at the bottom keep
your hand to yourself. I’d rather crawl on the ground
than reach for you hypocrite help. Life’s a work of art
and you’re turning it to shit. Even if you hear me scream
don’t come near because it isn’t a call for help.

Now you’re all rainbows and sunshine, 5 minutes
ago you were tearing down the whole town just to get
what you want.
Rather tell me what you want right now and don’t
invade my space with your filthy presence.

Go to the eight circle of hell from where you crawled
out of and stop pretending like I’m not onto your game.
Next time you stop by the only thing you’ll feel is my front door
slammed into every one of your hundred faces.

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