Poem #347

The ground might sparkle in white, 
but the day is cold and dark. 
The miles aren’t the problem, 
an invisible enemy is directing this night. 
Souls across the world are just 
trying to keep warm in the  
loneliest time of them all.  

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Poem #258

Maybe those people walking alone,
talking to themselves can see their
loneliness and they talked back to it.
The defeated its purpose.
They won and we call them crazy.


Poem #180

The voices inside and out were loud.
You lost control.
You just went with the flow and tried to
suppress the only voice important – your own.
In the midst of the chaos you said no to everything.
The phone stopped ringing and the chaos stopped.
For the first time you realized that the only
friend and the only lover you were looking for
was the one everyone fears – loneliness.
I guess you aren’t scared, you are one of the strong ones.
Embrace the strength.