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Coffee Date: Manipulating the public attention

Hello everyone and welcome to another Coffee Date with Luna, let’s start.

Nobody could’ve escaped the news about the Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah. I was not glued to my screen during their weeding and am not some fan of theirs, but I can be objective when it comes to it.

Stop pretending like Meghan is a devil who stole Harry away from his family. A man who does not want to leave, will not leave. He could’ve followed in his father footsteps and let the mother of his child to fend for herself. I said what I said.

We cannot turn a blind eye to the similarities between Princess Diana and Meghan and what they have said about the royal family. I think that the fact that people do not see history repeating itself (especially the UK media vultures) is because we refer to Diana as THE Princess Diana, like a symbol instead of mentioning another role she had in life which is very important here – Harry’s mother.

Harry’s mother was killed by the media and now that same media is crucifying his wife and the mother of his children. The same royal family, the same royal institution that failed to protect his mother, failed to protect his wife as well and discussed the skin tone of his unborn child. Is somebody surprised he left?

I just firstly, wanted to put my opinion out there. I did not watch the whole interview, just some very important parts where they discuss Meghan’s mental health and racism. I am not saying I completely believe Meghan and Harry because there are two sides to every story but if I had to take a side, I would take their side rather than the side of a deeply flawed institution that is the royal family.

Making Meghan the devil, tearing every aspect of her existence apart and claiming that this has been the most upsetting event ever for the royal family is revolting. All of this is a convenient, little story to divert the media and the public eye away from the fact that the royal family is hiding an alleged pedophile who was tied to Epstein. I already spoke about this situation in Coffee Date with Luna: Why? so you can check that out.

That should have been the event that shook the monarchy to their core, but instead they and the media found a scapegoat so that the public would not speak of the alleged crimes committed by a member of the royal family and that scapegoat just turns out to be a mixed-race woman. I, as someone who is white, am not going to discuss the racial aspects of this because there are far better people to speak about this, but we cannot pretend those aspects are not there.

Many have tried to make Meghan and Harry feel guilty about this interview because it aired at a time Prince Philip was (and still is as of the publishing of this) in a bad health condition. I of course feel sorry for him, but if this interview impacted him and the Queen so much then what the fuck happened when they found out their son was in bed with a criminal, pedophile and a person involved in a human trafficking. Why didn’t the media speak about that? Why didn’t the royal institution investigate the claims or just forced him to testify and held him accountable? Oh yes, because andrew is a white, rich person with a penis born into a royal family. He ticks the “I am privileged” box with some added boxes for more protection against the consequences of his own actions.

Media is all around us and it’s easy to be fixated on the Meghan and Harry topic while forgetting about the andrew scandal because the media is not speaking about him as much as they should. More attention is being drawn to an interview than to a member of the royal family allegedly committing a deplorable crime.

That’s my two cents on this. I am not very invested in the life of the royal family or that of Meghan and Harry but when I have an opinion, you are going to hear it.

Let me know down in the comments what you think of the situation and let me know if you have some topics you would like to discuss in the next Coffee Date!

Sending love and positive vibes

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Coffee Date

Coffee Date with Luna: Why?

Hello everyone and welcome to another Coffee Date with Luna!

Our theme of today is not a very nice one but it’s a necessary one. I understand that there are many important subjects we could discuss and write about here but I, as a survivor or domestic abuse and a person that knows damn well how the system works, have to speak about this.

Epstein. May he rot in hell for all eternity and may that abomination of a woman that’s in jail now join him after she spills the truth on everyone involved.  Disgusting. It is disgusting that the authorities knew about this while they were abusing and trafficking girls. We all know it’s all true. We all know those girls do not have a reason to lie and that they are just a drop in the ocean of millions of girls whose childhood and teenage years were taken away from them. Why aren’t we talking about the girls who were brainwashed, scared into submission, to the sisters that were IGNORED BY THE FBI WHEN THEY SPOKE UP YEARS BEFORE EPSTEIN HAD A RAPE ISLAND!!!!!

Disgusting. I could insult and rain shit on Epstein and Maxwell but let’s talk about the actual impact this has on women who are victims of any type of assault and abuse, not just sexual.

Why was Epstein able to do what he did?

Why was he conveniently suicided when the eye of the public was on this case?

The two things that run the world and are well connected. This shit went to the top. Why is no one speaking about that carrot looking troll in the White house who is a known misogynist, who insulted women and said “you need to grab them by the pussy” – why is no one looking into his friendship with Epstein? Why is prince andrew still free? Why are we letting this happen in front of our eyes.

A victim has come forward and accused prince andrew and he is out while she is still fighting for justice.  Even if there’s a crown on your head or a title in front of your name, you will be held accountable. I think it’s just deplorable how the British press had more to say about Markle, how they harassed her while there’s an alleged pedophile in the “royal” family. We can also talk about how the “royal” family is not saying anything about this, but I do not have the whole day. All I will say that as long as the powerful protect the powerful, the rest of us are a long way from justice.

And this is what scares the shit out of me. This case went up to the top. Not only were judges, FBI and lawyers looking at this, the world was keeping up with this case. The world was looking at this and everyone involved is telling women all across the world that they need to shut up when they are assaulted because no one is doing shit about it.

We are literally looking at money buying a way out for pedophiles so why should women anywhere be encouraged to speak out not only on Epstein but on other men? I know what fear is and I know what it means to FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE in a system designed to fail the victims and this is not an exaggeration. Why don’t we understand that women speaking out on assault and looking for protection are actually trying to save their life? Why do we need a dead woman, bodies piling up to realize that the fight against abuse is a fight for life?

True story now. I was a minor when I testified against my father and I mean, I was a minor! I have memories of my childhood very suppressed but I was somewhere between 10-12 years old. A psychiatrist who worked with my father stated that he is a man capable of killing. A trained specialist in his field described my father as a potential murderer. The police ignored us for years, there was actually a plot to get my sister and me away from my mom and we fought through everything, we got our day in court. Do you know what happened when 10-12 years old me stepped out of the judge’s room where I testified? My father was sitting there. The system that finally said “We are here to protect you before he kills you” let my severely violent father know that his underaged child was giving a testimony which will help to put him in prison. The fear I felt that day in something that cannot be described in words. For years I lived in fear of him escaping and killing the three of us. And just for the record, he did escape a few times from the facility where they held him after he got out of jail.

So these aggressions against women in the Epstein case by the system happen on a daily basis as well and why should women feel encouraged to step out or believe they have the right to protection if we are looking at pedophiles and rapists walking around freely while there are evidence and allegations against them?

I know that his coffee date has been a lot of WHY? But I believe you got my message. I am just here being 24 years old and still fighting my traumas, looking at this case and asking myself

When is this going to stop?

When are women going to have rights in reality, not just paper?

When will humanity be more important than money?

When will there be justice?

How many more victims are there?

How many more will there be?