Breakfast and barbecue

I ate too much yesterday. Waaaaay to much. My friends and I had a small barbecue and in the morning, while everyone was still sleeping, I made my boyfriend and me some breakfast. We went to McDonalds last Sunday and he really wanted to try the Mcwrap breakfast tortilla so I gave it a go. It turned out pretty good, pretty tasty, I was proud of myself because I am not much of a cook.


The tortilla is homemade and it’s one of the rare things I can do because it’s extremely easy. Some water, flour, salt, oil and tadaaaah. We filled them up with some scrambled eggs, salad, tomatoes and bacon. On the side we have some fruit, a cappuccino and I have to drink my magnesium which tastes awful.

Later that day we had a barbecue. The boys did most of the work. Ivana and I made sure we have something to drink. There was some beer for the guys and some wine for us. I just have to say it was so good. After we ate we watched some TV and in the end we watched Deadpool so I had a chance to see the whole movie and not fall asleep like last time.



Today I have to get down to work because I’ve been procrastinating like crazythese past few days. That’s it for me today, hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. Love you all!

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Bon Appetit to meee. So this is one of my favorite kinds of lunch where I mix pasta with veggies and chicken. Well, you can assume that one of the languages I study is Italian when I eat this much pasta.


My pasta sauce is kind of improvised. I threw in some onions onto heated olive oil, then some tomatoes and spices. It turned out pretty good. I also have this tendency to put cayenne pepper into everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. I like my food spicy.

So, what’s your favorite kind of lunch, comment below. And also be sure to check out my latest poem called Wrong turn and tell me what you think.

XOXO, Luna.

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Tortilla night


Tonight me and my roommate had a tortilla night. I just placed some salad, paprika, beans, meat with cayenne pepper and corn on my tortilla, wrapped it up and ate. It was so yummy and I’m so full but I think I’ll find some room for ice cream or some chocolate. What did you have for dinner?