Positivity Press #27

My brother in law just had a newborn baby. As part of a gift box that we put together, me and my wife made these cute monthly progress cards out of watercolours and ink. It became a giant project, and we had the best time working together. For a week, we turned off the TV and said no Netflix, and we sat on the floor in front of the coffee table designing little animals, discussing which 12 to choose, and painting them until they were perfect. It made me realise how much more fun working with our hands and talking all night is better than being glued in front of the TV.
The little baby was born in France, and me and my wife live in Melbourne, Australia with our own 7-month old. We’re on opposite sides of the world, and we’re super excited to get these two little cousins to meet up one day soon!

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The Newborn Wolf

The Newborn Wolf

The world was falling apart and she kept a smile
until at night she heard the howl of the wolves
calling for her, making her blood to boil,
making her step outside.

As her body carefully hit the grass the rain started
pouring down on her and she felt like the earth
was giving her comfort and a place to rest.
A light appeared in her sky, the meteors started piercing the night

She was just lying under the meteor shower while
the roses were crying raindrops and she whispered
to herself: “How long can I live a lie?” She was lying
on the ground when the meteors started coming down.

Everything caught fire as she ripped pieces of paper
throwing them to the side. Every verse and every line
seemed to get her to a breaking point instead of
getting her up from the ground.

The wolves howled louder and stronger than before
just to let her know that if she runs away on all fours,
she won’t be alone. She knew she would never be tamed
because the wild instincts only grew stronger in her veins.

The fire was destroying the nature but the moon was in the
sky safe and sound ruling over the newborn wolf of the night,
giving her his name and making her one of a kind. The fire was
getting stronger but it was never as strong as the one in her eyes.

Her mouth opened and she howled.


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