Beer and more beer

Hello everyone!

I had too much beer last night. You know those nights when you go out to have a beer with your friends and then all of the sudden it’s 2 in the morning and you already stopped counting after the 5th round?

That was my night. But I was a lady while getting tipsy in this outfit.

saturday night outfit

Am I annoying with these random my life and outfit posts? I decided to make more of these but I do need feedback from you guys regarding this decision, I always want to make your stay here at Luna pleasant!

Anyway, back to the post:

I spent the morning in Stirup because we were brainstorming regarding some future business moves and then my nephew came to stay the night with my mom and me. He is at this cute, little phase of childhood when he drives us crazy sometimes but we are dealing with it.

Me and my friend went out pretty early, around 9, because we had so much to catch up on. I really missed her. We had a bunch of beer, some awkward situations with guys thinking they are good at hitting on girls (we all  have these stories). We had a great time and there was a great girl band playing that night. It was something like an acoustic night at Punkt (the place we went to). We also ate something to soak up the beer a bit:

beer and food

Today I had family over all day. We were at my sister’s house and guys, I am dead. I haven’t slept a lot, I was a bit hungover and I was all over the place today. I think it’s time to embrace my bed and watch an episode of The Umbrella Academy. I just started watching it and I am on the second episode. I really do like the show, did you guys see it (please no spoiler alerts but if it sucks do tell!)

We have our first Coffee date with Luna post up and it’s all about gratitude so make sure to check that out and leave a comment.

Sending love and positive vibes,


Rainy Saturday

I set my alarm to 7 this morning because I have a bunch of studying to do this weekend and I really need an early morning to do my meditation, workout, cook, clean my apartment and everything else but when the alarm went off I just heard rain falling and couldn’t force myself to get out of bed. My will power was straight to zero. No. I just wasn’t getting up so  I slept for one more hour and then the guilt made me get my lazy ass up.

I made my yummy breakfast with some music in the background. Currently, still obsessing over Machika by J Balvin. It’s just stuck in my head since it came out. Also, loving the El Farsante remix by Ozuna and Romeo Santos. As you can see, I’m into this type of music.

My breakfast is pretty simple. Just some crunchy raspberry muesli with dark chocolate, an orange because I can’t eat my breakfast without some fruit and my hot lemonade. It’s just a half of squeezed lemon, some honey and hot water. I really enjoy drinking it to cleanse my organism and it’s also yummy, like a lemon tea.

Anyway that’s it from me this morning. I have to make my big cup of coffee and get down to work even though I just want to be in my bed and watch movies.

Enjoy you weekend!

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A sky full of stars


zadar lanterns outfit

Yesterday was a great day! During the day I’ve studied and made some food but later in the evening I got all dressed up and went to the city. Every year in Zadar we let lanterns go for a humanitarian cause and we did it this year as well. I can’t even describe how beautiful it was and how alive the city was.

I had problems with my lantern. It’s actually a pretty embarrassing story. It was my first time doing it and I didn’t set that paper thing on fire well so it took a bit longer for the lantern to get filled with the hot air and it was filling up pretty unevenly so when I let it go it almost ended up in a kid’s head. His father was holding him up on his shoulders and as the lantern went up it almost hit him. I was so embarrassed. Thank God there was a man much taller than me (I’m only 164 cm) who caught the lantern and made it go the opposite direction. I am still embarrassed.

Later I went to the movies with my friend. You can already guess the movie we were watching – Fifty Shades Darker. I’m going to be honest and say that the movie didn’t impress me. I wasn’t impressed with the first part either but still wanted to check out the second part. I thought that the movie is going to be more intense because of the trailers but it was actually pretty dull. I don’t regret watching it but I still believe that the movie should have been so much better.

Anyway that’s all about my Saturday. I have to get down to studying because I have an exam tomorrow and then another one on Friday and then my semester starts. Fun, fun, fun! NOT!

Love you all, xo!

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Saturday shopping

I’ve spent so much money I’m going to starve this month… Well it’s not the first time!

I’ve hit the road early in the morning with my roommate and we went to a shopping mall for some new things. Since we had to wait for out bus on the station we had a breakfast in McDonalds. Ate some morning wraps, croissants and I had to eat an ice cream because I’m such a sugar addict. Can’t help myself :).


So I just wore some black pants, a royal blue peplum shirt, Roberto shoes, black leather jacket and my little backpack. It’s February here but it’s so hot I just walked around in the shirt, without my jacket. I can’t wait for summer to come so we can go to the beach and sunbathe.


Later we proceeded to the shopping mall. We went to H&M, Bershka, Zara… Even though my roommate didn’t want to buy anything I made her do it. I’m the most awful shopping partner ever because I want to see and try everything, it takes me ages to pick what I want and mostly I lose all control and buy the things that I don’t even need.


After a few hours of walking around the stores we came to our apartment and we’re currently making lunch. Going to make some brown rice with veggies and then back to the books because we have exams next week. Anybody have some good studying tips? Please let me know in the comments or my social media: Facebook Luna
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Girls’ night out

All my Instagram followers (and if you’re not one in the end of the post are all my social media links) know I’ve had a pretty fun night yesterday. I went out with my friends in Zadar and we were roaming the town, visiting bars and partying. I just love nights like this when we just talk, have a few shoots and have a lot of fun. We visited two bars Kult and Frenky, had a glass of wine, some red bull-vodka and rakija. For all of you who plan on visiting Croatia in the summer you should definitely drink rakija, I highly recommend it! Here are a few pics from last night.

20160116_235750 20160116_211528 20160116_230748 20160116_232751 20160116_235046Check me out and follow me on
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Sunday morning

I had an awesome night yesterday! Me and my friends were in my friend’s apartment, drank a bit and had fun and around 2 in the morning we finally got out of there and went dancing. It was so awesome, I wish I had a picture or something to show you 🙂

I came home at 5 in the morning and got up an hour ago. For some reason I feel so happy and ready to work. I guess I really needed this night to let go and have fun. Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well and that you’ll rest today. I’m going to study italian and in the evening I think I’ll make something yummy to eat and watch TV. I’m sending you many kisses :****

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