Poem #345

The light effortlessly came through the curtains
and created a golden line from her shoulder to her thigh.

That skin was like a canvas waiting for color.
That hair was like violin strings waiting for the music.

Human in the imperfection, lady in the nakedness.
Eyes like two oceans hiding secrets in the depth.

To entice the mind, to satisfy the soul she moved
her body to bathe in the gold.

The maker of desire, beauty beyond measure
she knew how to harness power in simple pleasures.

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Poem #57

Women are like watches. Our hearts
go tick-tock. Every now and then when
someone touches our crown it makes
us go faster than the other clocks. We have
our own time and time zone, a whole new world.

Unfortunately you made her be late,
a whole life time behind other clocks
when you’ve touched the crown and left.

But as I said, it’s a crown. She fixed it
and kept on ticking by herself. Tick-tock,

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Goodbye honey

I’ll just sit here, light up another one
and celebrate the fact I was saved in time.
You saved me from drowning in a mediocre
love. Thank you for that.

Well I’m glad you settled for her because I
was a big wind for your weak little wings.
You searched for a woman that will laugh
at everything you say and behave like she doesn’t
have a brain in her head.

She’s going to give you what you need
and I’ll give you two a few weeks before
you realize that I was the best thing you had.
I’ll give you a few weeks to come crawling back
to my arms and then I’m going to knock you down.

Tell me what it feels like to know you just
let me slip out of your arms? Tell me what it
feels like to have that plastic puppet under your
arm? Please explain to me how you’ll recover
from this mistake and tell me what it
feels like to know I’m the best thing you could have had.

Maybe you keep a smile on your face but at the
end of the day I’m the one you want in your bed.
At the end of the day you admit to yourself that
her touch can’t do what my single look could.

I don’t even want to imagine what she would
feel if she knew you’d rather be crawling at
my feet than be with her. This is no song by
a woman scorned this is just me saying: Goodbye
honey, you settled for less and you’ll regret it.

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