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Positivity Press #48

Do you know the impact they really have?
We get so busy with life and everyone uses words all day along, for their whole life.
Some spoken
Some written
Some typed
Some sang
Some screamed
Some drawn
Some painted
Some hung
Some framed
Just words or more?
Think about it
A simple “good morning” has the ability to brighten someone’s whole day
A “thank you” might be the one thing that encourages someone to keep going , when they feel like they have failed
A “thinking of you” could be the message that breaks weeks of silence for someone
A “are you ok” might be the one thing that opens a line of communication that a friend desperately needs
A “I hope you are doing well” could be the only encouraging words someone hears that day
A “I’m here for you” could safe a life
A “remember when” could produce a memory and laughter that replaces someones tears
A “congratulations” might be the response someone needed during their unspoken battles
A “I’m so happy for you” might produce the courage someone was having difficulty finding in themselves
A “I appreciate you” could have just lifted the spirit of someone suffering in silence
A “I love you” that isn’t done out of routine, but truly in the moment is the kind of thing that makes our heart sing
A “hi or hello” could be the only personal interaction someone has had in the years since their spouse passed away
I could go on forever but I’ll just say.
How are you
I appreciate you
I hope you are having a great day
I’m happy for you
Im here for you
And congratulations on your accomplishments today!

♥️ me


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Poem #140

There are lyrics that don’t get to you.
There are songs that hit you right in the heart.
There are verses that depict your life.
And there are words you left unspoken because
you were scared they might tear you apart.


Poem #105

You power was to leave me speechless
and I never knew that could happen.
I write about pain and despair, it’s what
keeps my verses flowing but you came
and kissed all those words away.

Is this silence what happiness sounds like?
Winter air, smell of snow in the night,
your arms around me in an empty street.
I guess I need new words to describe this.

The Poetry Bar

On words

It’s the kind words that hurt the most.
not the playground names but
the love you before you catch
the train to a new city,
the I’m proud of you when your father
takes your hand in his, mottled with liver spots .
the I’m sorry that transforms
comfortable anger into aching regret.

we are a powerless in the face of love,
held hostage by the threat that
it might slip from our fingers.
it is unbearable.
it is exquisite

©Sarah Collins

I am a writer and recent from the University of Cambridge in the UK. I love to write poetry, fiction and journalism and travel writing and regularly perform spoken word poetry. I love discovering new original poetry from writers on wordpress, twitter and instagram and am excited to see all the guest posts on this blog. My blog handle is

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Poem #68

Wouldn’t I refuse to breathe if
I refused to write?
Wouldn’t they stop my heart if they
took my pen away?
Aren’t they making fun of me by laughing
at the verses I so impulsively write?
What would I be without this little gift
and curse of never ending flow of words?

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