Poem #59

June afternoon, summer breeze
in the air, my feelings are telling me you’re
getting further away. Pride won’t be a
problem, I’ll have none when it comes to you.

Just sat 20 minutes texting and calling, you’re
not coming and trains are passing by.
The only thing I heard from you was your
answering machine.

‘’It’s not you, it’s me. I’m not ready for this’’,
give me some of that bullshit. Tell it to my face, not via text

Shot, shot, shot, yes please I’ll have another one.
Guess tequila will be my friend tonight.
You told me you loved me, why did you turn your
back on me? If your love was a joke, my pain is obviously
your punch line.

You weren’t one third of a man you sold
yourself out to be. Didn’t think your charade
would bite you back. I’ll swallow my pride just
one last time to tell you how much of a coward you are

Just when I thought it’s your time to cry you
got another girl under your arm. Don’t worry honey,
I wish you best of luck. Karma is a bitch, she’ll come around

14 thoughts on “Poem #59

  1. I can’t decide if such a man is more of a jerk OR an idiot!! 🙂

    1. He’s both 😂

  2. Haha, superb ji <3

      1. I see, we both ‘ve same taste in poetry, well Luna let’s go a lil darker, what say?

      2. I don’t quite understand what are you trying to say

      3. Awh dude, I mean let’s pen down dark poetry to next level, got me?

  3. True Luna… ahh yes, the salty tears we use to make tequila more palatable for our souls to tend to sewing our torn hearts we’ve quilted for others to appreciate but only depreciate.
    I’d have a shot myself with you but truthfully I prefer an Irish coffee, seaside table and a conversationalist who enjoys turning phones off and sharing themselves during diner. But hey that’s just me… : ))
    Until the next…

  4. “If your love was a joke, my pain is obviously your punch line.” Well said! The whole poem is beautiful. Feels like getting ghosted. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Luna, I’m glad this dude is gone. He’s no good.

    1. Trust me, I am glad too 😀

  6. Better of without him!

  7. Amazingly beautiful dear

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