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I am baaaaaack. People I am home and I have my laptop, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. This week has been good. I was sleeping at my friends place and on Thursday I had a day off and I went to grab a beer with my colleague from work and then me and my friend hung out because we worked different shifts and weren’t able to see each other until Thursday despite sleeping in the same apartment.

Also, something very exciting happened this week. I was featured on Bleeding Soul Poetry Instagram account. Check it out!


I was so thrilled to see that they published my work. This is the first time I was featured on a site like this.

Anyways that’s it from me for now. I am off to have ice cream with my nephew. Tell me in the comments, what exciting things happened to you this weekend or in the words of Joey Tribbiani:

6 thoughts on “Featured on Bleeding Soul Poetry

  1. Congrats on the feature. Always good to get recognition. This weekend was great already as our oldest son is home for a visit. Yesterday, the family got together for a Fringe play, Ethiopian dinner and some family time back at our other son’s place. Today, will be yard work, if the rain stops. Happy weekend. Allan

  2. Congrats on getting featured!

  3. Very cool! I like this kind of poetry – simple, short, straightforward yet intense.

  4. Congratulations, Luna! You deserve it. 😄

  5. Congratulations on getting featured! Love your poem

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