I visited Pohorje, here’s some pics

Hello everyone!

How are you doing? I am in my post-long-weekend depression. I took a few days and went to Pohorje in Slovenia with my boyfriend for three days and it was wonderful. Just sitting on the balcony of our apartment and listening to the birds and the wind whistling was so relaxing. There wasn’t a car in sight, just nature around us.

The hotel was really cute but I did not like the fact that it was a wellness hotel that didn’t include the sauna in the price of the hotel apartment. We only had access to the pool area which wasn’t all that fun because it was a closed area. Also, this is the firs time that this has happened to me, but I really disliked the food there. We had breakfast and dinner included and breakfast was good but the first night we had dinner there both of us got sick afterwards and we think it was the pasta sauce because it was the thing we both ate.

The first day we got there, we went to the Skalica waterfall. The walk there was a bit challenging for my bad knees but it was worth it for the view!

The second day we went for a hike to Areh, had lunch there and walked back to the hotel. This trail was easier on my knees and then we spend the rest of the day at the pool and chilling in our apartment. The last day we did our checkout and went to Ptuj Terme because both of us wanted to go to a sauna and this was the cheaper option than paying the extra fee to use the sauna in the hotel. Also, the sauna in the hotel didn’t work on weekdays so we couldn’t use it even if we wanted to.

The only bad part of it, for me, was getting up there because I have a bit of motion sickness so my stomach was not having all of the sharp turns we had to take to get there and down when we went home.

We also had a bit of a situation on ou way home. We left the hotel and went to Ptuj only to realize that our damn IDs were still in the hotel. My boyfriend left me at a bar to drink some tea and he drove back to get them. We were trying to avoid putting me and my stomach through the drive up again. Now we will know better for next time and there is no chance in hell I will ever leave my ID at the reception desk every again. They told us it was illegal to send IDs through the mail so it would’ve been fun if we only noticed our IDs missing after getting back to Zagreb.

Anyways, I am done writing now. Here are some pictures for you:

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