I can’t sit down

I’ve finally started adapting to my regular life. My vacation was great, I went to two weddings as well, I went and spent some time with my family, worked and this week I was working from home and decided to jump back into routine a bit because I did miss it. Also, my stomach was protesting all the food I ate so this week I dedicated myself to cooking, working, reading and working out.

I thought that after a month of not working out I couldn’t be that out of shape. I was wrong. I’ve been working out for the past three days, I did some running and some weight training and now I can’t sit down. I have such a burning pain in my legs that I want to cry every time I need to move. Luckily, I didn’t do any ab exercises so at least one part of my body isn’t killing me.

I now live on the second floor in a building without an elevator and I have been gleefully avoiding having to leave the apartment today because I don’t have the will-power to make it down and up the stairs. I think I would have to call someone to carry me back up to my bed.

Every time I have a workout pause and get back to it, I promise myself that I would start light and then completely overestimate my strength and put myself in a position where every step hurts.

Does anyone have a good remedy for this, specifically one that can be delivered or homemade so I don’t have to walk up the stairs to get it?

Thank you for reading this short rant, I will go and have a hot/cold shower now and cry over my life choices.


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2 thoughts on “I can’t sit down

  1. In Sweden we call this “workout pain” and the only remedy is to keep moving even if you need to move like an old person. Avoided by starting to workout light, but I guess there’s something wrong with that part of the memory. It’s the same story also for me after each vacation.

  2. I always tell myself I am going to play with toys at the gym;-) And as for the pain, you are not alone!

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