Poem #227

I would rather miss you than make you mine
because if I do maybe you won’t want me back.
I would rather miss what was never mine,
believe in this memories created only in my mind.
I would rather miss who I never had than find out
if you would want me by your side or not.

Poem #225

You have been standing on my doorsteps
dripping wet from the rain begging for me
to let you in for hours and it seems as
the rain washed away the little brain you
had in your head because you don’t seem to
understand you’re not coming in, you’re not
crossing that line again.

I miss you. I love you. I made a mistake.
If you say another cliché I will go insane.
I can finally see the lies, the betrayal.
“What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her” was
your approach to whatever the hell we had.

Despite everything, all of this tonight is still
my fault. I wasn’t careful enough. Please move
a few steps back while I get a lighter so I can burn
my welcome mat. Do you get the message now?

Poem #224

You sit in silence on the terrace sipping your coffee.
You try to convince yourself that fresh air will
stop this feeling of suffocation.
Haven’t you realized by now it’s all in your head?

Poem #223

The biggest mistake you can make is
thinking you can make a difference by
changing those around you.
Start today.
Start with yourself.
Start where you are.
Control your little part under the blue sky.