I need some positivity!

Hello Guys!

Just checking in because I need some positivity to be send my way. I failed my drivers exam today. AGAIN! It’s the second time. I just can’t. I’m desperate and going bankrupt because of a driver’s exam. I did everything right and in the last 3 minutes of the exam I didn’t stop at a stop sign (yes, I know it’s stupid) and I failed. I fucking failed again.

Then I went to DM, for those of you who don’t know what DM is it’s a store to buy makeup and all of that stuff, and then I saw this notebook. Have you ever felt a sudden urge to purchase something. I felt like this notebook was then and there to be purchased by me. Isn’t it pretty?

Anyways I’m kind of down but I am trying to stay positive despite everything. Now, let me see that positivity in the comments and yes you may make fun of me because I failed on such a stupid thing. GO!

My Roots

Self protection 
Her core never seen
Slowly blooming 
Soul bare
Apprehensive to be seen
Strength brought to light
A survivor 
Fear and honesty 
Glorious determination 
Gaining momentum 
With the drop of every leaf
Falling apart 
Roots run deep
My pieces
Finding strength 


The Broken Inside of Me,   Author: Taylor Grace

Some days a domestic goddess, and other days a lost woman that still hasn’t bothered to brush her hair. My journey is full of life’s whimsical tales, love, laughter, heartache, trauma, passion, fantasy and everything in between.   My writing is raw, sometimes too raw but I write it anyways, it’s my truth, my voice and I will share it. I’ve been described as honest, even complicated and have a whole lot of sassy undertones, so things get interesting,  even comical at times.

Glad you are here and hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, stories and poems, as much as I enjoyed writing them!



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1,000 posts!

Guys, we just reached a milestone. We have 1000 posts published! Thanks so much to each and every one of you liking, commenting, submitting your work for our guest post categories. I just hope that in the future our family will grow and grow even bigger.

I know I haven’t published any original work lately, but to be quite honest I have a bit of a writer’s block. I have no inspiration whatsoever to write. In the past when I tried to force it, it would only get worse so I am just giving myself some time. I know that inspiration always appears in unexpected places.

Thank you again so much for this, I love you all!

Between That Postbox & Those Steps Beside The River

Gate entry by the castle sentry –
a village fenced-in,
a floodplain walled –
and stop to see a
bright, black sea of
hair ’bout Balkan eyes,
red-postbox close behind.
First moment out of moments
over years… surceased, rent, all.

Enthralled by accent, manner, eyes,
movement, hair, smile – still to find
that comp’ny, person, thoughts, ‘n laughter
(as far’s I ever knew them) fixed it faster:
that o’erwhelming darklight flood
(‘tween neurons fire; claim the blood).
From moment Then to moment Last
still here in the present (now the recent past)
is the bedrock weathered forever by
deep, unique, green Balkan eyes.

Broad and even steps.
A river, there, reflects the moment.
“…             .”
Articulated. Selfish?
Pain shared and merely hurts another.

A cowbell rings.
My wrists? No longer red and white
to signal spring and friendship.

разкайвам се

Worn and worn;
boxed away, remembered.


Deep, unique,
fascinating, friendly,
singing, sea-green Balkan eyes.

My name is William Altoft. I’m a writer in and from (and consistently on) Bristol, in the UK.



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Grandmas Doing Pushups

Age is an excuse
To get rid of all the clues
Not to solve any health puzzle
In the ears, the oldies put nozzles 

50 year olds don’t care
Fitness techniques for them is a dare
Excuses which seem not fair
Body pains they are ready to share

Pretending to be doing yoga poses
Working together on poking others noses
Choosing friends for laughter doses
Easily all the focus looses

30 year olds are doing the same
Working their asses off like insane
Running after wants and money
Everything about health is funny

Rare articles about grandmas doing push ups
Others cannot even think about early waking up

Healthy living is a choice
Do listen to the pleading inner voice.

Hey Fellow Readers,
My name is Kritika. I am a yoga practitioner and trainer. Hope you liked my poem. Enjoy reading 


My blog: www.undressedthoughts.com
Instagram Handle: @undressedthoughts


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Sacred connection

It’s a story of this unique kind
Naked spirit & so divine 
Full of energy, a playful type
A real handful at certain times 
Not afraid of jumping from the skies
The sensitive soul in fluctuations & noise 
Is the purest blessing in innocent disguise
Love the passion in the beautiful big eyes
Expresses the joy & pain in hyper ways

A new colorful day begins
Under the shining blue stars
The intense fire is burning
In deep space with black holes & scars
Striding towards big world in smaller shoes so cute
Mesmerized by depictions of fiction as if it’s all so true

Sensible are the two words in mind

Let me be, just let me be, are the heartfelt screams
Or perhaps standing all alone, sounds like a scary dream
Visuals are heavier, on that delicate little screen
Emotions are throwing curves, heart is simply streaming

Start now to connect the first alphabet of every single line 
Sacred connection you’ll discover, it’s just not a simple rhyme

I am Navin from Denmark. An engineer/CAD technician by profession with passion in 3-dimensional creations. 

Poem is me. 

Self realization, experiences & expressions and some other dimensions, I share through my poetic creations, which I publish on my blog https://navinspoems.com/


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Preparing Guest Posts

Here’s a random picture of me:

Hello everyone!

This week I am working that fucking shift until 11 PM and I am going to sleep at my friends in Zagreb. I don’t think I will be taking my laptop with me so I need you all to send in your Poetry Bar, Positivity Press and #savingme submissions as soon as possible so that I could get the posts ready for this week.

I know that I can do it over the phone but sometimes the posts just look weird when I post over the phone so I would like to prepare them while I have my laptop with me. I am looking forward to reading what you’ll send my way. You already know the drill:

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