Let’s activate Facebook

Hello guys!

Since starting my job as a community manager I realized it’s awful on my part that I don’t pay much attention to my social media such as Instagram, Facebook etc. I know I made a post asking you which is your favorite social media so that we can connect and I had the best intention of posting regularly which I didn’t do.

But now I am trying. I even created a little design for The Poetry Bar posts and I hope you will like it, you can see it below. You already know it that on FB we are called LUNA: https://www.facebook.com/luna.theblog/?ref=bookmarks

Make sure to check it out, show some support and tell me when I start getting lazy…again…

Three Haiku & A Sentence

Hurtling to the edge.
(Accept the lack of limit.)
Rushing to the climb.

Scale beyond the ground.
(Accept limited control.)
Fall facing forward.

Be ‘tween two unknowns.
(Take responsibility.)
Known‘s the illusion.

Go back – when the sun lets through the ancient, scorching starlight – and sit among the fury on the marsh.    

My name is William Altoft. I’m a writer in and from (and consistently on) Bristol, in the UK.

WordPress: https://williamaltoft.blog/

Instagram: instagram.com/williamaltoft/


If you would like to have your work published in The Poetry Bar send your poem, a few words about yourself and the link to your blog and Instagram account to the e-mail poetrybar1@gmail.com

Let’s make some changes

So guys, I already told you I was thinking about changing the guest post categories a bit and I finally partially made my decision. Why partially?

Well, I decided that The Positivity Press and Post Prose will not be a part of the blog anymore but I didn’t delete them permanently I just removed the categories from the Menu bar. The Poetry Bar and #savingme are still up there and your submissions are welcome as always. I was thinking about removing #savingme as well and if I had thought only by stats and data I receive from my blog, then #savingme would definitely go and The Positivity Press would stay but I made the decision made from the stats from my heart.

I think that The Positivity Press was amazing, I love your posts, you were way more active there than you are on #savingme but #savingme is something close to my heart because I’ve been through domestic abuse and, just like Poetry, this is something that is a very big part of my life. I still want to keep the category in hopes more of you will send your stories about abuse and maybe even posts of support for people going through this hell.

But that’s not all. I am also coming up with a new design. I will notify you when it happens. Just to change things around here. I feel like I’ve been really lazy recently when it comes to my blog. I have writer’s block, my schedule is awful etc. I’m just getting back on track because I don’t want to mess up all of this amazing progress we’ve made.

So Luna is getting back to her roots, back to where it all started – BACK TO POETRY! Tell me what you think, send your submissions, write your comments on each other works and keep on being this loving, supportive community you’ve been since day one. Luna loves you all!

Sending love and positive vibes,


Guest Post Category Review

Guys, let’s talk!

So, after quitting university I was really lost and explored options which only included getting back to the university, having a masters etc. and it was killing me because I never really want to go back to being a student.

After many months of banging my head against a damn wall I found out about a seminar in Internet Marketing. I think I hear God say “You go girl” when I applied. The seminar started today and while I was sitting there, listening, writing down my notes I felt really passionate about something after a very long time of believing I will never find a career or a path which sparks an interest in me.

While I was sitting there I, of course, started thinking about Luna, about this blog and all of you. Somehow I think I made many wrong steps in the last few months and I think it has caused the blog to lose a lot of its original meaning so I decided to rethink everything I’ve done on my blog in the last few months regarding our guest posts categories. I think I just forgot what this blog was originally about and it was poetry. I am a poet, you are a poet – we’re poets. This is the way we express ourselves and this is what I wanted to create on this blog. I wanted people to be free to express themselves through poetry and I wanted to create a community which I kind of did with our beloved Poetry Bar. I am not changing that, I know how much you love it and believe me that I do too. Reading your work inspires me, brings me so much joy and I love reading all of your comments on each other’s posts.

As for the other guest post categories, I will have to review them. It’s not that I don’t like your prose works or your Positivity Press but I just have this strong gut feeling lately telling me that I need to go back to poetry and just poetry. I will give this a lot of thought (trust me) and I will let you know with time to which categories we will have to say goodbye.

Anyway, I am tired. I worked today and then had the seminar which lasted more than three hours but it was so worth. I am going to pass out in my bed now and I wish you all a goodnight or a good day, depending when you read this.

Make sure to tell me what you think about all of this, I don’t want to make decisions without consulting you first.

Sending love and positive vibes,


Guest Post Information

This blog is expanding really fast, new followers are coming on board every single day and I’m thrilled! Our little community is not that little anymore!

Since new bloggers who join us have questions about guest posts and don’t feel like digging through the blog to find all of the previous posts here are the three ways you can guest post on Luna. I will probably repeat this post after every 200-400 new followers just to keep everyone up to speed.

So our beloved POETRY BAR – here you send your poetry works to poetrybar1@gmail.com together with a few words about yourself and a link to your blog and an Instagram account if you have one since The Poetry Bar does and we post your works there also. Check it out here:  https://www.instagram.com/the.poetrybar/

Our second child of guest posts is THE POSITIVITY PRESS – here you send your positive stories, share positive vibes, send pictures, tell us about your new job or hobby and send them to postpositivity@gmail.com. It was designed to bring joy to us on a daily basis and keep us positive and grateful for all the little experiences that happen to us. You just need to send your positive vibes to the e-mail address and attach a blog link if you’d like

Our toddler is #savingme project – here you can share your stories about any type of abuse you’ve experienced. The email is savingmestory@gmail.com. The project was made to let abuse victims know they are not alone. If you don’t want to share your whole story, you can share how you got out, some advice to people going through this hell currently. It’s a safe place and your story can be published completely anonymously. Also, you can see that I post about my own experience with domestic abuse and not only my story but my thoughts, mechanisms that helped me overcome it etc.

Our new born baby is Post Prose where authors can publish their prose works, short stories, parts from books they’re writing etc. so that we can all indulge in some nice, quality reading. Send your works to poetrybar1@gmail.com

That’s pretty much it. Now, new bloggers and old bloggers let’s see what you’ll send my way. Love you all!

Sending love and positive vibes,

Devine Sensuality

In a secret meadow untouched by man,
Nymphs and Dryads dance to the beat of pan.Naked beauties linger sensually — truly divine.
Their scent is intoxicating, like a fine wine.
Unseen by any, but the children of the dirt.
Tucked away from pain, fear and hurt.
Music plays at a feverish pace.
Ecstasy pours out all over the place.
Nature untouched personified.
This is where the spirits hide.

My name is Jesse, I am a writer. I post both poetry and mental health pieces about my own struggles and journey on my blog here: https://oneregulardad.home.blog/


If you would like to have your work published in The Poetry Bar send your poem, a few words about yourself and the link to your blog and Instagram account to the e-mail poetrybar1@gmail.com