Poem #125

I’m surrounded by the whole world and
I still feel lonely but when you were around
I felt like I had the whole world.
You held so much meaning.
There was a home between your arms and
a whole lot of love in your smile.
You were my missing puzzle piece.

Poem #53

I can’t write the same poem a million times
in different styles but I still always manage
to find new words to express everything I
feel about you.

You are a river of always flowing inspiration.
You are the power that moves that pen across
the paper. Your smile is the ink forming words,
your kiss is what I need to be an artist.

You are that impulse that kicks me out of
bed in the middle of the night just to scribble down
a line. You are so many things you aren’t even
aware about but one thing you are not is mine.
I just claimed the copyrights to our love and its end.

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