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If Only #BLM

The videos recorded are not for the squeamish
Of his life, like a flame, being forever extinguished

One more suffered, suffocated
And his ears never heard the cry elevated
The massive uprising that was generated
His last breath crushed beneath those who hated
All too happy to leave his loved ones devastated

And then the world cracked open from the interior
Chaos on the streets of the so-called superior

Together the people screamed his out name
But he was much too far gone to enjoy his new fame

But what if someone could told him
That his sacrifice would embolden
The streets, painted yellow with the words
Demanding his silence be felt and be heard

If only he could have known he would not perish in vain
That the country would erupt to remember his pain

If only he could know how many were behind him
How they demanded justice of those that would bind him

Like a canonball shot into a crumbling fortress
With a tyrant who only cares about more press

Who knew that’s what it would take to unite us
Against the hateful force en route to divide us

And the racists they scoffed and moved back from the flames
But good people in every shade stood together and kept screaming his name

I wish he could have known the extent of it all
How cities would burn and statues would fall

Suddenly the world has awakened with a jolt
Sickened that there’s still such an issue to revolt

Rexis is a creative writer and a lover of classic literature. She hopes to someday publish a novel and greatly appreciates every person who supports that dream by following her blog at


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Black Lives Matter

Black people: amazing human beings
Loving the world and all its creatures
Always will be a friend to many
Casual, kind, humorous
Knowleageable in a unique way.

Losing loved ones, losing lives
In this world suffering due to racism
Voices unheard, on every street
Eventually turning to riots because of
Stolen rights.

Many now know of George Floyd
And what his fellow people are doing for him
Today they are supporting him
Today they are fighting for him
Each person wishes for his soul to rest in peace
Rest in peace George Floyd, rest in peace

I am Tarushi Parashar: A writer, a dreamer, a passionate poet, a daughter, a sister, a friend to many, a hopeful girl. I’m here to express my thoughts with the world and make myself a comfy, soft spot in the WordPress family. Here is a link to my website:

Read: Black Lives Matter


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The Lament of A Skin : To George Floyd #BLM

Was it I,
Hurt him, crushed him, killed him!
Out of love I bathed him with
A colour in this colourful world
Not knowing the fanatical eyes which
Crookedly preferred to my cover of colour
Over his book of virtues,
Over his dream of laurels which
Gleams brighter than Sun.
The flawless painting of his righteousness
Ruinated by the colour I fortuitously added.
Was it I!
Atrocity on the sea of Rampalian-Wretch
Sail! Every night! against the tempestuous.

Legendary leaders had legacy
Fighting against bigotry
Yet buried alive at the premise of equivalency.
As they rashly accuse me
Of making people look savage,
I pray Him to pluck me
Out of their intolerant eyes
Let them wander without sight
And be forever blind.

Wasn’t it them the same ones
Ruined the Great houses once! Derek!
The heinous prejudice strangled him
To death on the face of Earth.
But upon Heaven God’s hand
Now fondling his nape
There he carries his breath to breathe.

Atrocity on the sea of Rampalian-Wretch
Sail! Every night! Against the tempestuous
Every night! Every fight! Against the wizard of Uz.

Hi folks, I am Khaled KM working as an assistant professor of English literature from india. The incident love towards creative writing dragged me to this realm of creative writing. You can check my link below for more creative literary works.

Read: Black Lives Matter


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The Poetry Bar

Black Lives Matter Protest!

We are black not barbaric
We are dark not dangerous
Its just a skin color not a skin condition

We are black and beautiful
We are dark and dreamy
Our skin is just like pearls

They call us “Negroes”
They call us “Kaffirs”
The call us “Niggers”
They call our kids “Pickaninnies”

Our intellect intimidates them!
Their confidence only comes from suppressing us
Their superiority comes from making us inferior
Killing us makes them feel like they are in control

But enough is enough!
We are taking the stand!
We are taking our power back!
We are black and we matter!

Zamadlomo Mkhabela is known for her “diary of a born again black woman”. She is a christian, worshipper, exhorter, MC and passionate about information technology.
Instagram: https://instagram/zad_gabela


Read: Black Lives Matter


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The Poetry Bar

Evolution #BLM

There is no difference
Should be earned hierarchy
Should not be a birth right
There is no difference
This is evolution
Balanced beings
No segregation
Based on genetics
Based on unchangeable inherited qualities
Equal Opportunity
Mother and Father
Father and Mother
Brother and Sister
Son and Daughter
No difference
Equal in qualities to obtain ability
Strength in adaptation to changing circumstances
Strength in more diverse qualities
Equal opportunity
From control
Social Constructs
Judge on content of character
Diversity Appreciation
Race, Sexuality, Gender, Sex, Ethnicity
Does not belong to any specific country
It is everywhere on this earth
Through immigration
Adaptation to environment
Child of Country
Child of Earth
Child of Universe

By: Soniag888 –Sonia G Poetry Bandit

Read: Black Lives Matter


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Black Lives Matter

The title speaks for itself. For all of you protesting right now, I hope you are staying safe and my heart goes out to you and to the family of George Floyd and all the others who have been victims of racism and police brutality.

It has taken me a while to post about Black Lives Matter Protest and the reason is simple. I am uneducated about the subject and what I have been doing since the protest started was reading and educating myself on what is happening right now and how we can contribute to the movement. Educating myself on the matter is not enough to contribute to the movement and the protest when I have you guys. This platform I have here is a small platform but it’s still public and every contribution to the movement counts.

I am giving my platform to anyone who wants to speak up about racism in the form of poetry, your own experience with racism and police brutality or to write about the protest if you are protesting or observing them. You can reach out to me on Since there are many e-mails for Poetry Bar submissions and I always publish your works chronologically, please put #BLM as the subject of your e-mail and I will publish it with priority, possibly on the same day when you send it in. Also, write down in the comments ways that people can contribute to BLM, if I forgot or missed any in this post.

I am just going to try to share here as much useful information I can on how you can help and support BLM which include:

  • Petitions
  • Donations
  • Educating yourself
  1. Petitions you can sign (just click on the name):

Justice For George Floyd


Justice for Breonna Taylor

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery! I Run with Maud!

2. You can find many ways to donate money in the following article: Where to Donate For Black Lives Matter

If you do not have money to donate, you can donate without donating by watching ads on YT. For some of you this sounds weird but it is possible. There are videos made that last for about an hour and all you need to do is play the video and DO NOT SKIP THE ADS and TURN OFF YOUR AD BLOCKER. Also, if you see a YT blogger telling you that they will donate everything to BLM, don’t skip the ads on their videos either.

Some of the videos you can watch to donate money without donating money are:

how to financially help BLM with NO MONEY/leaving your house (Invest in the future for FREE)


There are many others and even playlists done to support the movement. Put the videos on and just let them stream, do not skip the ads and make sure to watch about 3-5 videos in between and then go back to the videos which donate ad revenue to BLM.


I am going to start with some videos I believe are worth watching and below you can find links to useful resources, lists of documentaries, series and books you can watch/read to educate yourself about BLM. This might not sound like a contribution to some, but it is important because ignorance will continue to spread hate. Watch, learn, listen, read and support.

YT videos:

We Cannot Stay Silent About George Floyd | Patriot Act Digital Exclusive | Netflix

George Floyd, Minneapolis Protests, Ahmaud Arbery & Amy Cooper | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Follow the news and also, many late night and daily show hosts are covering the news on their YT channels so you can follow them as well.

Educate Yourself with Documentaries / Film

Netflix & Prime Shows to Watch, to Educate Yourself on Black Oppression

Books to educate yourself


Police Accountability: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) (this video is from 2016 and it’s still relevant)

The Broken Policing System | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

With the deranged shit coming out of Trumps mouth (now more than ever), more and more people are mentioning America and authoritarianism in the same sentence. Trump has to go. If you do not understand the concept of authoritarianism, watch this: Authoritarianism: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO). All I can say is this: Trump has to go.

One of the key weapons in the fight against systematic racism and the protests has been a camera and social media. Document everything, film everything, livestream it, share it on social media for the world to see. We have seen in the last few months that this connection the world has through the internet can go a long way so we have to use every single channel we have at our disposal to support BLM.

I will update this post regularly and, as I said before, write down in the comments ways people can help and contribute to BLM.

I love you all <3