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If Only #BLM

The videos recorded are not for the squeamish
Of his life, like a flame, being forever extinguished

One more suffered, suffocated
And his ears never heard the cry elevated
The massive uprising that was generated
His last breath crushed beneath those who hated
All too happy to leave his loved ones devastated

And then the world cracked open from the interior
Chaos on the streets of the so-called superior

Together the people screamed his out name
But he was much too far gone to enjoy his new fame

But what if someone could told him
That his sacrifice would embolden
The streets, painted yellow with the words
Demanding his silence be felt and be heard

If only he could have known he would not perish in vain
That the country would erupt to remember his pain

If only he could know how many were behind him
How they demanded justice of those that would bind him

Like a canonball shot into a crumbling fortress
With a tyrant who only cares about more press

Who knew that’s what it would take to unite us
Against the hateful force en route to divide us

And the racists they scoffed and moved back from the flames
But good people in every shade stood together and kept screaming his name

I wish he could have known the extent of it all
How cities would burn and statues would fall

Suddenly the world has awakened with a jolt
Sickened that there’s still such an issue to revolt

Rexis is a creative writer and a lover of classic literature. She hopes to someday publish a novel and greatly appreciates every person who supports that dream by following her blog at


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