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Let’s buy it all!

So I am kind of lonely and it sucks and I realized I have a very unhealthy way of coping with that sucky feeling.

Shopping. To be more specific – online shopping

My paycheck is coming tomorrow and I am scared it will be gone before I blink because I have my carts full, ready to press the fucking place order button so I can make myself feel better. I don’t know if I should address this issue or start making more money and continue to heal my emotional mess with new things. Ladies, what do you think? I did not decide to only ask the ladies because I want to discriminate, but because I know they will understand the struggle.

I actually surprised myself because I am not buying that much clothes, which is usually my vice. I am getting skincare because my skincare collection is looking poor and my face is looking like I just hit puberty. #foreveryoung

Also, the holiday season is upon us and I had one plan this holiday season and that was having a safe Xmas with my family and having a safe New Year with my boyfriend. Because of the restrictions in Croatia I will not be able to see my boyfriend for New Years and I will be spending it alone so I might as well buy myself something to cheer myself up.

Xmas will be every day when the couriers start coming. I should really find a better coping mechanism. And also, since I decided I would like to post more often on Youtube because I really enjoy filming and editing and I already spent money on a camera I cannot afford, that gave me the perfect excuse to buy some equipment. Merry December to me!

So let me know in the comments if you have some unhealthy coping mechanisms so we can be in this together.

I am going to check if all of my carts are ready for tomorrow now because I have nothing better to do.

Sending love and positive vibes


My life

Advent in Zadar

Yesterday I went to the Advent in Zadar with my friends. The night started great with me waiting for the bus and my friend Leonora calling me to tell me she’s late. That’s kind of her thing. She rarely comes in time for anything. I went back to my apartment because it’s very close to the bus station and I waited for another bus. When we finally got to the Advent we found our friends. We drank mulled wine and enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere. It wasn’t cold for me but it was for my friend so we ended up in a bar drinking wine and talking. It was such a sweet night.

christmas croatia friends ootd zadar-advent zadar advent

I woke up late today and I was craving a big, tasteful breakfast so I made one. My regular cup of coffee, water, sandwiches and orange. Now that I’m full it’s time to get down to business but it’s really hard because the only thing I can think about is going home this week and Christmas. I just can’t wait.

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