Advent in Zadar

Yesterday I went to the Advent in Zadar with my friends. The night started great with me waiting for the bus and my friend Leonora calling me to tell me she’s late. That’s kind of her thing. She rarely comes in time for anything. I went back to my apartment because it’s very close to the bus station and I waited for another bus. When we finally got to the Advent we found our friends. We drank mulled wine and enjoyed the Christmas atmosphere. It wasn’t cold for me but it was for my friend so we ended up in a bar drinking wine and talking. It was such a sweet night.

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I woke up late today and I was craving a big, tasteful breakfast so I made one. My regular cup of coffee, water, sandwiches and orange. Now that I’m full it’s time to get down to business but it’s really hard because the only thing I can think about is going home this week and Christmas. I just can’t wait.

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