Poem #231

The road is dark, the steps are heavy.
With each breath you gain more understanding
for his actions, for his addictions.
You look in the mirror and the reflection smiles
saying that you look just like your father.
Every lunatic needs his doomed heir.

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Positivity Press #3 – Son

In response to the post regarding ‘positivity’
I would love to share my poem about the moment my son was born.
This will always remain one of the most happiest moments of my life.
He, now four, still brings me so much joy. I’m a different person due to him.
Here’s to good vibes and happiness.


You were the moment where
everything changed for me
When watching you grow
inside your Mommy’s belly
I’d lay there
reading to you gently
some books I’d found especially.

Then the big day, that moment where
I’d finally get meet you
In a moment was the moment
everything I’d ever known
changed for the better.

Your cry was loud and clear like crystal
emotions now exploding
a love unmatched, unknown.
The world and everything
in that moment fading.

A television going on standby,
It was just Mommy, you and I.
A family
Us three standing
so perfectly.

The word ‘pride’ is
an understatement
in that moment
holding you whilst standing
Tears falling
A truly Happy Daddy.

©R.J Britten

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Poem #179

I guess I am my father’s daughter.
Finding any excuse to fall into my old habits
One hand on the bottle, smoke coming from the other.
Always having an explanation for my wrongdoings.
I never let happiness linger in the room, I smash
the walls to let it out. I thought it was the
poet inside of me trying to find inspiration in pain
but I guess it’s my father’s damn legacy making
me destroy peace wherever I set foot in.

I guess I am my father’s daughter.
Never let anyone’s opinion bother me.
The world is a nasty place, I heal my wounds in
alcohol and cigarettes. As I grow older I understand
him more and more and instead of seeing him
for the monster he was I see the monster’s cub
growing bigger in the mirror.

I guess I am my father’s daughter.
Let’s drink to the legacy you left me with daddy.

The Poetry Bar

Hapless fate

He’s my whole whose I’m a Part …
Resides in my breath n beats in my Heart …,,

Holdin’ my hand.. The way YOU made me Walk…
Tryin’ rounding off our story with the mem’ries of our Talk..,,

Easy is to remember you, But missing uh is the Ache..
Your never ending memories always push me Back..,,

U forgot to return, Don’t you Miss Me …
I wanna heal, plz come – Hug n Kiss Me..,,

A story beauteous that God has Written..
With evry inch of your personality , I’m Smitten..,,

Bestest moments of life I ever Had… Nothing can describe how much I miss uh Dad..,,

I do blame the Hapless Fate ..
That left me with this ne’er ending Wait …!

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