Hapless fate

He’s my whole whose I’m a Part …
Resides in my breath n beats in my Heart …,,

Holdin’ my hand.. The way YOU made me Walk…
Tryin’ rounding off our story with the mem’ries of our Talk..,,

Easy is to remember you, But missing uh is the Ache..
Your never ending memories always push me Back..,,

U forgot to return, Don’t you Miss Me …
I wanna heal, plz come – Hug n Kiss Me..,,

A story beauteous that God has Written..
With evry inch of your personality , I’m Smitten..,,

Bestest moments of life I ever Had… Nothing can describe how much I miss uh Dad..,,

I do blame the Hapless Fate ..
That left me with this ne’er ending Wait …!

Written by: https://kaushwritings.wordpress.com/

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3 thoughts on “Hapless fate

  1. Haha, I like the what would you call it, “low quality language”, and purposeful use of it to create something constructive and complete! Cool style.

    1. I’m just trying @varjakBaby to put my emotions into words…

      1. It works well.

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