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Hello everyone!

Lately I have been trying to stay active on my social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and let me just tell you that I suck at it. I am not a social media person but I am working on it because I know that social media can increase our blog stats and bring more people to The Poetry Bar and to your blogs!

I will put the links to all of the social media we have and I have a question for you. Which one do you prefer: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?



luna.theblog Instagram:


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GUEST POST information

This blog is expanding really fast, new followers are coming on board every single day and I’m thrilled! Our little community is not that little anymore!

Since new bloggers who join us have questions about guest posts and don’t feel like digging through the blog to find all of the previous posts here are the three ways you can guest post on Luna. I will probably repeat this post after every 200-400 new followers just to keep everyone up to speed.

So our beloved POETRY BAR – here you send your poetry works to poetrybar1@gmail.com together with a few words about yourself and a link to your blog and an Instagram account if you have one since The Poetry Bar does and we post your works there also. Check it out here:  https://www.instagram.com/the.poetrybar/

Our middle child of guest posts is THE POSITIVITY PRESS – here you send your positive stories, share positive vibes, send pictures, tell us about your new job or hobby and send them to postpositivity@gmail.com. It was designed to bring joy to us on a daily basis and keep us positive and grateful for all the little experiences that happen to us. You just need to send your positive vibes to the e-mail address and attach a blog link if you’d like

And our new born baby is #savingme project – here you can share your stories about any type of abuse you’ve experienced. The email is savingmestory@gmail.com. The project was made to let abuse victims know they are not alone. If you don’t want to share your whole story, you can share how you got out, some advice to people going through this hell currently. It’s a safe place and your story can be published completely anonymously. Also, you can see that I post about my own experience with domestic abuse and not only my story but my thoughts, mechanisms that helped me overcome it etc.


That’s pretty much it. Now, new bloggers and old bloggers let’s see what you’ll send my way. Love you all!

Sending love and positive vibes,

Positivity Press #32


My piece of positive press is the speed that my blog page is growing. I have hit milestones way high than I expected and I couldn’t be happier to help more people

My blog page is: sweeneysblog.com. I do blogs on topics such as Stuttering, mental Health and Stress


If you want to share positivity here at The Positivity Press send in your positive news with pics and the link to your blog (if you want) to postpositivity@gmail.com


Guys, guys, guys! Look what happened! Just look!

And I am going to use the first selfi I ever posted to Instagram to explain my reaction when I saw this. I can’t believe we came this far and I am so proud of us!

Now, you know what’s coming. Another project. More guest posts. More engagement. More sharing! For now we have the incredibly successful Poetry Bar which is still very much active, we have Positivity Press to keep us grateful and happy and now that we’ve hit 3000 followers we are going to have #savingme

You are probably wondering what #savingme is. In my post The story behind the name Luna I shared a part of my domestic abuse story with your because it was necessary in order to explain why I chose the name Luna. It was so incredibly hard for me to open publicly about my childhood and what my father put my family through but I felt so relieved. It gave me strength in a way and your comments just blew my mind. I felt so loved and so empowered in my work that I decided it’s time we all speak up and give support to each other.

#savingme is our new project, our new guest post column where all of you lovely people will be sending in your stories about abuse whether it be domestic abuse, rape, school bullying etc. When you send in your email you have the right to say if you want the post to be anonymous or if you want me to share your name and the link to your blog. The email to which you can send it is: savingmestory@gmail.com

I know it’s hard but writing it down, opening up let’s out all of the bad out of your heart, you feel less resentment and create a space in your heart that can be filled with love and supports from others at this community.

I really, really, really hope that we will bring this project to life and I just want to thank you all for this few months that have been amazing! I love you all so much and hope you have an amazing weekend.

Just to repeat again, send in your stories to savingmestory@gmail.com

Sending love and positive vibes,

Reaching 3000 followers soon!

Hello guys!

I just have a quick little update for you. We have reached 2950 followers here which means that only 50 more followers to 3000 which means that we will soon have a new project starting up.

When we reached 1000 followers, we created The Poetry Bar. When we reached 2000 followers we created The Positivity Press. What next? If you have any ideas write them down in the comment section or send me an email to luna.theblog@gmail.com. I will also try to come up with something or I will read all of your ideas and make something out of them. Thank you so much for everything guys! Keep your poems and positive vibes coming and have a wonderful rest of the week!

Thank you

I am all about celebrating small victories so I just wanted to thank you all for helping me reach this milestone.

Having 500 of you following me is very important to me because I gathered the majority of you in the last 30 something days since I’ve started to post regularly and since I’ve started to be more open and courageous in my writing.

This community is very important to me because it helped me get though some troubles by sharing my opinions and feelings here. This blog became an important part of my life and is helping me grow every day and all of this wouldn’t be possible without your love, support and kind comments.

I know I’m repeating myself but again I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you and I love you all!

30 day streak

I’m really happy about achieving this. I decided to start posting regularly, every single day at least one post and today it’s 30 days since I made that promise to myself and I’m just so proud of myself for achieving it and keeping up with my promise. It actually turned into a habit to just put up a post daily and it really made wonders for my blog and for me personally.

I gained a lot of views and followers and, what’s most important for me, some of you reached out through comments and even sent me messages on Instagram. It really made me very happy and I hope I will manage to keep up the good work. Thank you all for being supportive, leaving comments and liking my posts!
Have a nice day, love youuuu

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