Reaching 3000 followers soon!

Hello guys!

I just have a quick little update for you. We have reached 2950 followers here which means that only 50 more followers to 3000 which means that we will soon have a new project starting up.

When we reached 1000 followers, we created The Poetry Bar. When we reached 2000 followers we created The Positivity Press. What next? If you have any ideas write them down in the comment section or send me an email to I will also try to come up with something or I will read all of your ideas and make something out of them. Thank you so much for everything guys! Keep your poems and positive vibes coming and have a wonderful rest of the week!

6 thoughts on “Reaching 3000 followers soon!

  1. That’s excellent, congratulations 😀

  2. Wow!!!! Happy for you… Congratulations…

  3. Congratulations Luna, it is a well deserved honour.

  4. WOW! Congrats! 3.000 followers is amazing and you deserve each and every single one of them! I love your blog! <3

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