I got my Bachelor’s degree

So I passed my last final exam today which was the Spanish exam! I officially now have a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Italian…. And I’m not at all excited.

When I got my bachelor’s in Italian I was over the top happy. I remember having drinks with my friend at one in the afternoon. We were so happy and pleased with ourselves and today this was a complete humiliation. I wasn’t all that prepared and I was convinced that I will not pass. To be honest, I was kind of looking forward to taking a year off university to work or maybe even go somewhere but I still decided to give it one last shot and took the exam. It was an oral exam and it was so awful. The professors made fun of me, started questioning me about the reasons for which I even started studying Spanish. They just said a lot of things that were actually very hurtful. I do admit, again, that I was not well prepared but then they could have told me to come back in a year and not behave so rude towards me.

It’s just an off day for me today and I don’t feel excited about getting my bachelor’s and going further with my education. I always wanted to have a masters in Spanish and Italian but I think I will only go with the Italian. I have a few days to decide and I just can’t think of a solution.

Anyways my day sucks big time! I think I’ll spend the rest of the evening snuggled under a blanket with a book and…well I’m not going to lie, I’m drinking beer today. I need it. Hope you’re having a great day!

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Portuguese lectures

Portuguese lectures

Since Friday I forgot how it is to wake up in the morning and not get prepared for a day of running around. I just tried to balance my studying, university and some sort of a social life.

Last week was the week of languages and there were ambassadors and many other important people on my university and we’ve had many lectures about the Spanish and Portuguese language. I didn’t manage to attend many of them but on Friday I had to because they counted as 25% of my grade.

The lectures were about the Portuguese language and I loved them because I love that language and I’m trying really hard to become good at it. My favorite lecture was by Rodrigo Barros who is a poet, professor and a singer.

He held a beautiful lecture and he sang and played the guitar for us. I just fell in love with the songs. In the evening we all gathered at a park behind a club and had a poetry evening. Again the same professor sang and then a few poets presented their poems. I wasn’t really a fan of their work, wasn’t my cup of tea, but the evening was worth it because of the singing.

I also spend that day with my friend Andrea. We ate some pizza, ice cream, had a drink in the evening and just had a wonderful time together. I really loved spending the day with her. Here’s a few pictures from Friday.

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